What Is the Role of a Company Registration Consultant? Why Do You Need That?

What Is the Role of a Company Registration Consultant? Why Do You Need That?

For incorporating a company in any country, the owner(s) will have to follow the procedures laid by the respective regulatory authority. Company registration also involves complicated paperwork and complying with the registration norms. While setting a company, you may not know about the right path and can get tangled in the registration procedures. A company registration consultant can help you with setting up your company. Read on to know about the roles of a company registration consultant.

Complete documentation

You will have to collect digital signatures of directors, shareholders, etc. for filling out the incorporation application. A company registration consultant will help you in completing the documentation process in less time. Various documents are needed for registration of a company like identity poof of directors/owners, address proof, etc. You will also have to provide a unique contact number and email ID of the respective directors or owners.

You don’t have to run from one director’s residence to another for obtaining the digital signatures or other details. A company registration advisor knows about the registration process in the country. He will specify to you a list of documents to be produced according to the incorporation procedure in the country.

Filling incorporation application

Once the documents required for filling out the incorporation form are collected, a registration consultant will fill out the form on behalf of your company. The company incorporation form is issued by the respective authority and is compulsory to be filled for setting up a company. The incorporation application can consist of various details like directors’ consent, MoA (Memorandum of Association), and many more.

If the incorporation application is not filled accurately, it can be rejected by the respective regulatory authority causing a delay in the incorporation of the company. If you are opening a subsidiary of any foreign firm, you will have to provide more details in the incorporation application. All these details can be accurately filled in on behalf of your company by a company registration consultant.

Company name reservation

A company registration consultant will help you in reserving your company name with the concerned authorities. If your company name is already taken, then a company registration advisor will help you obtaining the NOC (No-Objection Certificate) from the original owner. A separate application attached with the NOC has to be filled for incorporation of a company. A company registration advisor will also help you in incorporating a subsidiary of a foreign firm.

If you are opening your first company, you may not know about the industry processes and compliance terms. A company incorporation advisor will guide you through each step for the successful incorporation of your company. Many advisory firms provide company registration services and, you can choose a reliable firm for hassle-free incorporation of your company.

Diverse company incorporation services

There are various types of companies and, each has its different incorporation process. The major company types are private/public limited company, limited liability company, one person company, partnership firm, and non-profit organization. A firm that provides company incorporation services has subject experts. These experts are well aware of the registration and documentation process for each type of company.

Why do I need a company incorporation consultant?

If you are well-versed with the incorporation rules, then you apply for registration yourself. However, you will still need verification from a practicing professional. A company registration advisor will not only verify your company incorporation application but will guide you through the whole process. There are various factors to be analyzed before selecting the business structure. The factors considered during the selection of company type are fund capacity, liability level, ownership, decision-making power, and taxation.

You may end up paying money to brokers or middlemen for the registration of your company and, obtaining the necessary documents. A company registration consultant will save you from these middleman charges. Choose a consultant that has experience in providing company incorporation services.

In a Nutshell

Not all countries are ranked higher in the list of ease of doing business. You require a consultant for length paperwork, proper documentation, and expert advice. A company registration consultant will help you to comply with laws and procedures while setting up your company. Hire a consultant for setting up your company!

Amy Jackson