What do you mean by an SEO agency?

If you want to know more about what an SEO agency is and what it does , you probably know the potential of organic positioning in search engines, but you want to rely on a partner and you want to understand how to choose it .

So let’s see what it is, what it does and what are the characteristics of an SEO Agency, to allow you to choose in an informed and informed way.

What is an SEO Agency?

First of all, let’s understand together what an SEO agency is: it is a company, usually a Web Agency that mainly deals with web marketing, and which internally has inserted and trained specific figures, dedicated to optimization and positioning on search engines.

Not all Web Agencies provide SEO consultancy and services, many stop at the creation of the website, or preferably use paid promotion solutions such as Google ADS, others talk about it, but they know very little about it.

So, in order not to take anything for granted, continue reading to understand how an SEO agency works, it will allow you to select a partner that really has the characteristics and the essential requirements to do SEO Marketing .

The professionals who work in an SEO agency deal with different aspects, some transversal to communication and marketing, others very specific and technical.

We can safely say that the agency and its specialists will have to move between multiple techniques and strategies, but always with a single intent: to constantly increase and improve the organic positioning of the website to create business opportunities.

What is the team behind an SEO agency?

  1. SEO Specialists
  2. SEO Consultant
  3. SEO Analyst and Strategist
  4. SEO Copywriter
  5. Web Designer
  6. Link Builder
  7. Web Developer
  8. Ecommerce SEO Expert

1. SEO Specialists

SEO is a branch of Inbound Marketing, it deals with generating results by exploiting the potential of content marketing and the functionality of search engines.

The members of the team of an SEO Agency, or those who define the strategy and collaborate in unison to generate positioning results on the first page of the organic search engine results, often have different backgrounds and training.

Working as a team, they shape and form the content marketing strategy capable of bringing traffic results, and conversion into leads and sales.

2. SEO Consultant

Commonly the professional who, working on his own, supports companies with their search engine optimization services, is called an SEO consultant, which is slightly different in an agency, where in addition to the consultant, that is the person who is in charge of following the customer in the phases of listening, analyzing the objectives and defining the project steps, there are dedicated figures for skills, sensitivity, and attitudes.

3. SEO Analyst and Strategist

The team member who, by carrying out an SEO Audit – or SEO analysis – analyzes the search results of the company website and competitors, is the analyst or SEO Strategist, the one who identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the site, the keywords with which generate target traffic, and define the content strategy to improve organic positioning and beat the competition.

This figure, indispensable within the SEO team, uses specific software and techniques to identify how a website is positioned in the SERPs and which competitors to overcome in order to achieve the true purpose of the positioning activity: to obtain new customers.

He knows how Google’s algorithms work, he knows what tasks to entrust to the various team members and monitors the results with well-defined metrics: the KPIs.

4. SEO Copywriter

In addition to analytics, producing SEO-optimized text content is a fundamental pillar of the whole strategy.

In fact, SEO is based on the ability to create relevant content that matches the requirements of the algorithms, but also on the ability to satisfy the user’s need to obtain answers and information.

Therefore, the figure of the SEO Copywriter must know how to write knowing the theme and the facets of the topic, but also keep faith with SEO best practices, inserting the main and secondary long-tail keywords in the texts – long tails -, knowing how to expose the content persuasively and maintain readability and ease of use.

5. Web Designer

A crucial factor in search engine optimization techniques is the User Experience or the overall experience experienced by a user browsing the website.

This part is delegated to the Web Designer, who working side by side with the SEO copy, will have to layout the contents on the website, thanks to a CMS – WordPressDrupal, Magento, HubSpot CMS, etc – or using the HTML code.

You should know that Google analyzes about 200 factors to determine which site deserves the position on the first page, among these, there is also the user experience, that is the speed of loading of the contents, the distribution of the texts, and the images and so on.

The Web designer will also have to examine, test, and solve the problems of the code and optimize with on-page SEO techniques to make the site fast and easy to use from computers and mobile devices:

  • Content Structure
  • Tag H
  • Formatting of Images
  • Internal Link Construction
  • Source Code Cleanup

6. Link Building Expert

The Link Builder is responsible for creating a network of internal links between the pages of the website to promote indexing, but above all through off-site SEO techniques and link building, to generate the presence of content and links on authoritative and relevant sites of the sector in which the company operates.

This practice greatly increases ranking in organic results and speeds up the achievement of organic results.

The problems of a technical nature relating to the server, software, internet, and security are entrusted to the Web Developer, who in the SEO agency assists and supports the team in the implementation of the content strategy.

7. Web Developer

A website that must be positioned on engines, is readable, run on smartphones and tablets, be fast and beautiful to look at, brings with it considerable complexities that go far beyond what is “seen”.

This is the job of the geek who covers the shoulders of the SEO team.

8. E-commerce SEO Expert

Websites are not only dedicated to promoting a brand or a company, they also serve to sell online and, consequently, have different operating logic and specific strategies.

Even in the SEO for e-commerce things are different, and an agency to which you entrust the optimization and positioning of an eCommerce must have the specific knowledge and techniques necessary to promote the sale of products and services.

The figure specialized in SEO optimization of online stores knows very well the infrastructure and architecture of e-commerce software such as Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, Drupal Commerce, Odoo, etc., moves easily between the functionalities of the marketplaces and knows how to manage sales funnels.

How to choose the right agency?

As you have discovered, an SEO agency differs a lot from an SEO consultant, being two different entities albeit with common characteristics.

While the consultant works alone to support the company in the positioning strategy, the agency works as a team, involving the key figures who gravitate around the web, digital and inbound marketing projects.

The complexities of a world that really goes at the speed of light, require different skills and constant updating, but above all a lot of work that only a real team can face.

I hope this article can help you clarify your ideas on what an SEO Agency is and how to choose it, but I want to give you one last piece of advice, very practical and simple: if the agency you intend to work with fails to position itself first page on a competitive keyword (and related long tails – the longest keywords related to the main topic), run away!

If they can’t do it in their business, how can they do it in yours?