Way to recover forgotten Gmail password?

Way to recover forgotten Gmail password?

If you want to recover the Gmail password you have forgotten then you can do so by reading this article completely then you can know how to retrieve the Gmail password and you can finally finish the procedure for it. 

Steps to recover the password of Gmail account – 

    1. To begin you have to first go to the website or you can also go to the Gmail app on your device.
    2. Now once you have opened the Gmail you have to first fill in your email address of yours and after you have filled it make sure to check it once you have checked it you have to move to the next step. 
    3. In this step, you need to look for the option forgot password and once you have clicked on the option you will receive a Gmail forgot password verification code either on your registered alternative email or on the phone number you have provided. 
    4. After verification you need to fill in the OTP you have been sent on the email or on the phone number in the respective box and then you can move finally to the step.
    5. After all this you will get the chance and the option to set a new password for your account and once you are done with this retrieve your Gmail password.

Now you will finally be able to get back your account and you can now login into your account using our new account and password and fix forgot my Gmail password.

Apart from this, you can recover your email account with or without recovery email and phone number, if you don’t know how to do it, you can read my article.

Article: How to Recover Your Gmail Account

Amy Jackson