Over the past 100 years, commitment to quality (Furniture shops in sunderland)has been the company’s foundation. Outdoor Collection is a way to bring that quality outside.

We create and build furniture for outdoor use using the finest materials and skilled craftsmanship, as seen in metal, wood, wicker, and upholstery furniture. Durable, easy to clean, and designed for the best outdoor seating you can find.


Let’s discuss superior materials and techniques.

Wicker furniture made of performance resin

Our high-performance resin wicker is made from recycled high-density polyethylene with a solid Tensile Strength that makes it very difficult to break.

It’s enhanced with a world-class UV (UV) inhibitor and weatherproof additives that ensure that the resin wicker will withstand the most severe elements and will not break, crack or break from UV exposure to sunlight.

This means that humidity, sun, or snow will not stand a chance against our performance-oriented resin wicker. Suppose you look at ours in comparison with other outdoor furniture brands.

In that case, you’ll notice that the synthetic materials they use likely do not have UV inhibitors, which makes them more susceptible to the loss of color and damage due to cold and heat.


Camden Outdoor Wicker Patio Scene


(Designer tip: Top-selling Huntington sectionals, sofas, and even the new accent chairs are available in a golden-tone natural Raffia and the classic weathered raffia.

You’ll be amazed by how the golden tone is made by the resin, not in the finish applied to the surface as with other synthetic wickers. This gives it incredible durability.

Take a look at the most recent five-piece wicker collection dubbed Camden. It is an adjustable sectional sofa that you can scale upwards or downwards to fit your space.

I love this sofa! (I am awed by the gorgeous heathered grey fine weave it comes in!)


Teak wood is grown in plantation furniture.

Edgemont Teak TableIt’s rare, but 100% of the teak furnishings are constructed using Grade A, solid teak grown in plantations in Indonesia.

Note: Furniture stores sunderland

The teak wood is the highest quality and provides all-weather durability and natural beauty. It’s the same type of marine teak used in yachts.

The Grade A teak has a fine grain and is knot-free, whereas others use Grade B teak, which has a staining process to conceal streaks, splotches, and knots.

The most important thing is that teak is sustainable and comes from recycled teak plantations.


Furniture made of powder-coated aluminum

Huntington Aluminum Table Close-using only commercial-grade aluminum extrusions, the interior walls of the furniture to double the thickness of what is the norm in the market.

This gives it incredible durability and resistance to bending and breaking. Extrusions are double-reinforced with support structure ribbing that adds strength to loaded areas.

At the stress points, 360-degree welding connects the joints. The visible welds are polished and smoothed to create the artisanal appearance of high-end furniture that is not typically found in outdoor furniture.


The most crucial stage in finishing the metal is the five-step process that cleanses and prepares the aluminum for an extra-duty powder coat that provides more adhesion.

This results in improved endurance and resistance to weather. Architectural-quality powder coat produces a thicker, more durable finish and uniform surface to increase longevity and durability further.

Powder-coated aluminum is corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, and mildew-resistant. It’s also easy to maintain in rugged, salty coastal climates.


Bonavista Outdoor Dining Metal Table


(Designer suggestion: Our popular American-made Bonavista aluminum collection includes dining tables and chairs with three different arm styles: track arched, sloped, or arched.

There is also the sling chair is available in eight fabrics. Plus, it is available in textured black, mocha, or white with driftwood or graphite.

A new sling chaise, lounge, and round table end tables named Walker are available in the same colors and the same fabrics. So, check them out!)


USA-Made Cushions and Pillows

Outdoor Cushion Close-ups design outdoor seating that is the most comfortable and comfortable you could obtain.

The best seat cushions feature the Reaxion foam(r) top with airflow technology which enhances breathability and cooling.

Each cushion is treated with an antimicrobial treatment that helps to prevent mildew and mold.

Additionally, each cushion’s core is topped with the addition of a fiber layer for the soft and comfortable feel of a pillow top. It’s all as standard.


Ultra-comfortable Seating

Florence Chair Close-the most comfortable seating systems allow for the flexibility to provide ultimate comfort, such as ours.

The wicker and aluminum collection has a latticed grid composed of highly durable PVC straps made of vinyl attached securely to aluminum frames.

It is made to offer comfortable seating and durable support. It can be removed to be cleaned, and replacement is possible.

With our performance resin frame, the wicker grid is strengthened with aluminum-reinforcing structural parts for spring lounge chairs supported by three spring pads that allow for flex.

Movement and flex while maintaining their strength as they age. Spring pads are attached to the frame using stainless steel washers and bolts that won’t be rusty.

Suppose you compare the entire setup with other brands, which employ just two spring pads. These will have less flexibility (read comfy) and won’t last longer than ours.


Performance Outdoor Fabrics

Outdoor Performance Fabric Close-ups utilize only 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics to guarantee durability and color lasting.

Dying the fibers of the fabric to the core permits the fabric to keep its vibrant colors and resist the harsh UV rays of the sun.

Solution-dyed acrylic is resistant to stains as well as mildew and mold. If life gets messy (and it will always happen), All of these top-quality fabrics can be cleaned using just a bit of bleach.

Additionally, all of them are stitched using UV-resistant thread that is color-matched to ensure durability and integrity of seams.

The fabrics are available in a range of patterns and colors to allow you to showcase your individuality. While some are exclusive, they’re all high-performance and easy to take care of with the most sought-after palettes of greens, blues, and neutrals.


If the backyard of your home is calling your name, take action with the brand new Outdoor Collection. For more choices and inspiration, you can shop online or in-store.

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