Things to consider while choosing a Neurosurgeon

Things to consider while choosing a Neurosurgeon

Brain, spines, and nerves form crucial parts of our body, and hence disorders relating to its prevention, diagnosis, and treatment become important. That’s where a neurosurgeon comes in. A neurosurgeon is specialized in the surgical treatment of complexities affecting the brain, nervous system, or spine.

Any unexplained symptoms relating to the brain or nervous system require the immediate attention of doctors. Complexities like stenting for stroke and brain aneurysms should not be swayed away in ignorance. Also, treatment of such ailments should be entrusted only to the best and trusted doctors. Your health and well-being depend largely on the choices you make regarding your healthcare.

In making the right choices, you should ask yourself the following questions.

When should I visit a neurologist?

 What are the common Reasons for neurosurgery?

How to select the BEST NEUROSURGEON?



Identification of neurological diseases requires the assistance of a neurologist’s knowledge and skills.

 The following are the common reasons why people need to visit a neurologist:

  1.   FREQUENT HEADACHES/MIGRAINES: Frequent headaches or migraines require the attention of neurologists, especially if are accompanied by other neurological impairments.
  2.   DIZZINESS: Often feeling dizzy or lightheaded, losing balance is not a good sign. If you are experiencing such symptoms, you should visit a neurosurgeon.
  3.   NUMBNESS: Continuous pain and numbness can be a sign of nerve damage. It may require the assistance of doctors.
  4.   ISSUES WITH MEMORY AND BEHAVIOUR: Memory behavior changes, and mispronouncing of a word are all symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and hence should not be neglected.



  •         Carotid Artery Disease: Occurs when fatty deposits clog the blood vessels that deliver blood to your brain.
  •         Chronic Pain: especially in the form of neuropathy can be serious for some.
  •         Head Injury: Some types of accidents may cause multiple complexities to arise.
  •         Strokes are one of the most common reasons for neurosurgery. One such critical surgery that often is carried out under the guidance of the best neurosurgeon is stenting for stroke and brain aneurysm which will require critical attention for the patient.
  •         Brain Tumors: Neurosurgeons are specialized in removing brain tumors.

One major neurosurgery that is performed in critical cases is thrombolysis for acute brain stroke, 10-15% of patients survive after performing this operation and thrombolysis is often suggested to patients within 3-4 hours of the first stroke symptom.


The following aspects should be kept in mind while selecting the best neurosurgeon for your treatment:


Try to collect as many referrals as possible from your trusted physician, and take suggestions from family and friends.



A neurosurgeon is a highly qualified and trained surgeon with degrees, fellowship and significant clinical experience. Keep these in mind while selecting the doctor. Ensure that the doctor has never been subjected to malpractice or disciplinary action.



All important factors relating to the hospital, such as infrastructure and quality of healthcare should be examined. The neurology department should be equipped with all the facilities and latest technology. It should be hygienic and well-staffed to heed the needs of the patients.



Keen research on your part is important. Go online and search for specialized and trusted doctors and hospitals. Do the research based on your personalized symptoms and problems. While doing the research keep in mind your budget as well as the quality of healthcare provided.



While researching online will only give you a brief insight, physically visiting the hospital and interacting with the surgeon will give you a better understanding of the entire process. Evaluation of the office atmosphere, politeness of employees, and the trust and belief the patients carry for the neurosurgeon all require a physical examination.


Final words

Neglecting minor issues have always made the cases critical. But if the right step is taken at the right time many neurological surgeries like thrombolysis for acute brain stroke with best neuro surgeon in Gurgaon can also be performed which can save your life. If you are having any of the symptoms discussed earlier don’t wait and delay. Rather just visit your physician the next day itself.

Amy Jackson