The minister was shot dead by a childhood friend during a meeting at the office

The minister was shot dead by a childhood friend during a meeting at the office

A Caribbean minister has been shot dead in his office in the Dominican Republic. He was shot dead by a close childhood friend during the meeting. The slain minister was named Orlando George Mera.

He was the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of the Dominican Republic. This information was given by the British media BBC in a report on Tuesday (June 6).

At the time of the attack, 55-year-old Orlando George Mera was holding a meeting at his office, the report said. He was shot dead at the time. A total of 8 shots were heard during the attack.

A spokesman for the president of the Dominican Republic has identified the assassin as Miguel Cruz. He described the man as a childhood friend of Minister Orlando Jorge Mera.

However, the accused was taken into police custody immediately after the attack. Besides, the motive behind the attack on the minister and his assassination is still unclear.

In a statement, George Mera’s family said Orlando had been shot dead by a man who had been her childhood friend. It also said, “Our family has forgiven the person who caused this incident. One of the best things about Orlando is that it doesn’t hurt. ‘

Orlando Jorge Mera has been in the administration of current President Luis Abinadar since he came to power in July 2020.
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In a tweet following the assassination, President Abinadar expressed his condolences to the family of George Mera and said he was deeply saddened by the death of his best friend.

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