Tattoos are now so common that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find someone who doesn’t have one (or several) these days. And it isn’t unusual to encounter a tattoo shop packed throughout the end of the year holiday season, when people make permanent declarations in the form of body art for the new year and new beginnings.

If you’re waiting for us to tell you the awful news, don’t worry; there isn’t any. You simply need the appropriate methods to go with that concealer to get the best tattoo cover-up procedure. Follow along with our step-by-step guide for a flawless tattoo cover-up using concealer, foundation, and a handy.

If you want to disguise your tattoo for whatever reason (maybe your last new year’s eve tattoo no longer feels true) you might use best tattoo cover-up makeup as whatever the situation, the good news is that it’s simple to hide a tattoo if you have the appropriate cosmetics, such as tattoo concealer.


Naturally, your body art should be recognized for its beauty and tremendous expression of your personality; so, flaunt it whenever you can! But on those rare occasions when discretion is required, these items are ideal for covering up a tattoo for a short period of time.

This is the greatest tattoo concealer to hide your tattoo, discoloration, and any other imperfection.

Glossiva Tattoo Concealer

AOBBIY Tattoo Concealer

Dermablend Foundation Stick

SEGMINISMART Tattoo Concealer

BUOCEANS Tattoo Concealer

Dermaflage Tattoo Makeup


Full-Coverage Foundation

While there is tattoo makeup cover created especially for concealing tattoos, you don’t need to spend more money if you already have a full-coverage foundation. Because it will act as the basis of your tattoo makeup and assist ensure that you don’t have to use too much concealer later on, using this type of foundation is critical.

Do you require a comprehensive coverage foundation recommendation? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered—literally. Try the Infallible Total Cover Foundation for help. This long-lasting full coverage foundation has a weightless feel and won’t budge throughout the day.

Full-Coverage Concealer

When it comes to tattoo concealer, you’ll want something that covers your ink in one swipe and is a full-coverage formula with waterproof properties. The Infallible Full Wear Concealer Waterproof, Full Coverage comes in 25 different hues and has a full-coverage, waterproof formulation, making it ideal.

Color-Correcting Crayon

You might also want to consider applying a color corrector to your tattoo. A green color corrector, such as True Match Color Correcting Crayon in Green, can assist in canceling out the red tones in your tattoo by neutralizing their impact—reducing the amount of foundation and concealer you’ll need

Keep in mind that not all foundation, concealer, and color corrector are waterproof; however, they do provide a quick solution to cover up tattoos.


Are you Ready to Begin Concealing a Tattoo? Here are the simple actions for hiding a tattoo with makeup for a moment.

Prime Your Tattoo

It’s vital to prep your tattoo with a primer before moving on to the concealment section of this lesson.

The Infallible Pro-Matte Lock Makeup Primer can help you have a smooth foundation on which to apply the rest of your makeup as well as ensure that it looks consistent throughout the day. Consider trying out the Infallible Pro-Matte Lock Makeup Primer.

Use Color Corrector

This step is optional if you have a colored tattoo; you may want to conceal with a color-correcting crayon if your tattoo is inked. Choose one that you know will help hide the colors in your tattoo.

Apply Foundation with a Makeup Blender

Now that you have your full-coverage foundation prepared, it’s time to apply it. Using your fingertips to dab on the product and then a makeup blender like the Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender to help create a more uniform, seamless finish is one of the most effective ways to cover up a tattoo.

Follow Up with Concealer

Apply the concealer with a makeup blender and dab it over the foundation until you’ve covered your tattoo completely. For a consistent appearance, use a color that is as close to your natural tone as possible.

Set with Translucent Powder

We’re guessing you want your tattoos to stay hidden until after you’ve washed your makeup off, so face powder is a must-have. To set your makeup and keep the concealer and foundation from fading as the day goes on, use a fluffy brush dipped in Infallible Pro-Sweep.

Spritz on Makeup Setting Spray

If you want your makeup to last longer, try using a setting spray. You’re ready to go if you spritz it with a few sprays of the Infallible Pro-Spray and Set Make-Up Oil-Free Setting Spray.

You can easily remove your tattoo with micellar water once you’re ready to show it off again. Look for a formula that can dissolve waterproof and long-wear makeup (since you covered your tattoo with), such as the Micellar Cleansing Water Complete Cleanser Waterproof.


Rather of hiding a tattoo with foundation and concealer, there are other ways to cover it. If you don’t have the time or inclination to complete an entire makeover, you may settle for a fast remedy. Choosing the proper clothing and accessories might help you hide a tattoo quickly if you’re in a hurry.

  1. If you have a neck tattoo, simply wear your hair down to hide it. You may also conceal a neck tattoo with a scarf or a thick, chunky necklace.
  2. To disguise a tattoo on your wrist, put on a large bangle or a big watch with a thick band. Keep in mind that the watch band is less likely than the bracelet to move up and down throughout the day, revealing your tattoos.
  3. If your tattoo is on your finger, consider wearing a fashionable and ornate ring to hide it. If you can wear gloves to cover bigger finger tattoos, incorporate them into your dress code for the day.
  4. Put tights and shoes on that cover your tattoo if it’s on your ankle or foot. Even if it’s summer and the weather is warm, you can wear stylish metallic socks to create an unusual yet in-style look.

Amy Jackson