Sneakers with Different Outfits: Men’s Step By Step Guide

Sneakers with Different Outfits: Men’s Step By Step Guide

Fairly recently have sneakers built their image as a piece of fashion footwear. Previously, sneakers were solely restricted to the feet of those who were athletes or who promoted athleisure. But times have changed and so has the conventional image of sneakers! With brands like Bata introducing a wide range of versatile sneakers with a myriad of colours, designs, patterns and styles.

Now that sneakers have taken the fashion industry by the storm, the men out there are facing a new challenge—how to wear sneakers in a way to show that your fashion quotient is high? We are here to solve just this. With this guide, we will tell you all you need to know about “sneakering” it right!

  1. White Sneakers

The classic white sneakers never disappoint- be it in a casual, sporty or formal look! A pair of classic white sneakers is something that all sneaker-o-holics must have in their shoe wardrobe.

Pair some dark green or brown shorts with a floral shirt and don’t miss the white sneakers with them. Put on your shades and you are set to raise the summer temperatures while keeping cool. Wear some grey or off-white pants with a dark blue pullover and put on your white sneakers with a scarf around your neck to set fire to the winter months. Pairing an oversized hoodie or t-shirt with some joggers and complimenting them all with your white sneakers can help you achieve your favourite laid back aesthetic.

  1. Black Leather Sneakers:

Blacks and whites are the two basic themes in any guy’s wardrobe. So if white does not feel like your thing or you simply want to explore variety with black, include in your wardrobe some Black Leather Sneakers. A pair of mysterious black sneakers can immediately level up your style and make you look like a person of gravity. Wear some slim-fit chinos in pastel colour and with them wear a checkered, plaid or striped shirt. Throw on a hat, put on your Black Leather Sneakers and rock the streets you walk on.

  1. High-Top Sneakers

High top sneakers for men give you the chance to stay low-key while keeping your fashion quotient high. Wear a t-shirt of your choice- plain or with graffiti, put on some parallel jeans and with these you can wear your High-Top Sneakers. If you want to show the world your High-Top Sneakers, just roll up the ends of your jeans to give you an edge and your sneakers some visibility.

Bonus tip: How to wear sneakers to work?

Once you are addicted to sneakers, there is no going back. You will want to wear it everywhere- that is the power of comfort and style. But can you wear sneakers to work? Of course! But you need to keep in mind not to brutally violate the decorum by wearing those loud neon sneakers that you would wear to a club. Instead, keep your look refined and intimidating by wearing some suave black sneakers with your formal attire.

Bata Sneakers are all about taking it easy and giving in to your comfort. If there is one thing that the Bata sneaker world promotes is flexibility. So yes, though these are some suggestive inputs by our fashion experts, you can always bend, twist and make these rules the way you would like to pull them off!


Amy Jackson