How To Post A GIF On Instagram? The Ultimate Guide

How To Post A GIF On Instagram? The Ultimate Guide

Post A GIF On Instagram? The Ultimate Guide

GIFs are entertaining; through them, you can communicate your thoughts without words and in a more easily digestible manner. Instagram is a well-known and popular social media site that is visually appealing. Instagram has become a platform where people meet new friends, create their brand and express their emotions by sharing images and videos. However, posting GIFs on stories and posts is a bit complicated, and this frustrates users. In this post, I’ll teach you how to share a GIF in Instagram stories and feeds within a couple of minutes. Continue going.

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IG Gif Posting From Phone?

The easiest method to post the GIF for posting on Instagram is the GIPHY application. You may have already heard that GIPHY is the most frequented website to locate or create and share GIFs. Fortunately, GIPHY offers a mobile application that allows you to locate or create your perfect GIF and then share it on Instagram and other popular social media platforms. How can you share an Instagram GIF to Instagram using this application? Then, follow these steps:


Step 1: Download GIPHY And Sign Up

Step one is simple. Start by opening Google Play or App Store on your smartphone. After you have installed the app, you must sign up for an account with your email address or your Facebook account, which is simple.


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  • Download and Install GIPHY
  • If you already have an account, simply login to your account, and you’ll save time.


Step 2: Create Or Find Your Desired GIF And Post It On Instagram

GIPHY lets you make GIFs and search keywords to find similar GIFs to post via Instagram and other platforms. If you want to share them, you need to open the GIF and tap the arrow button beneath it. Next, tap on the Instagram icon, as shown in the screenshot below:


Find or create GIFs on GIPHY

Ultimately, it would be best to decide whether you would like to share this GIF on your Instagram feed or stories. If you select one of these options, then you can ensure that the GIF will be posted to your feed or stories. After that, you can modify it, crop it however you like and upload it to Instagram, similar to sharing stories and posts.


upload an Instagram GIF on Instagram

That’s it! How to upload an Instagram GIF to Instagram with the GIPHY application on your smartphone.


Gif Posting Instagram From A PC?

In reality, sharing a GIF on Instagram on a PC is a little more complicated. Unfortunately, Instagram still doesn’t allow users to share posts or stories via the website. So, to post a GIF, you must use an Instagram scheduler like comprarseguidoresportugal. How do you post a GIF on Instagram via a computer with the scheduler?

First, make sure you save your GIF to an MP4. In reality, if you’ve located or made the GIF using GIPHY for download, for downloading your MP4 Version, you need to fill in your email, and GIPHY will email you an email with the GIF in the correct format.


make a GIF on Instagram

Also, remember that this isn’t the only way to accomplish it. The alternative is downloading your GIF and then using a free converter to alter the format. Don’t fret in case your desired GIF isn’t available on GIPHY.


Now, on comprarseguidoresportugal, you should upload your GIF and schedule it to be shared on your feed or stories.

Also, if you have seen a GIF on someone else’s posts or stories, using comprarseguidoresportugal, you can repost it. You can click here to find out how to program Instagram posts and then quickly upload GIFs on Instagram. GIFs via Instagram.


How To Post A GIF On Instagram From Camera Roll?

Unfortunately, if you attempt to upload the GIF straight from the camera roll on Instagram, the image may show up as a single image and won’t be displayed in the form of an animated GIF you’d like. This is because Instagram does not accept this GIF format. Therefore, if it is possible to convert the GIF into an MP4 format, then the issue is solved.

To mask your GIFs to covert them, you can use free tools such as the ezgif. All you need to do is upload your image to this site, transform it into MP4 and then transfer it to your phone. And, like when you share the video in your Instagram stories and posts, you can upload your GIF to share with your friends via the camera.


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