14 Popular Social Messaging Apps for Your Business

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Social Messaging Apps

Messaging apps (a.k.a. “social messaging” or “chat applications“) are apps and platforms that enable instant messaging. Many such apps have developed into broad platforms enabling status updates, chatbotspayments and conversational commerce (e-commerce via chat). They are normally centralised networks run by the servers of the platform’s operators, unlike peer-to-peer protocols like XMPP.

The development of social messaging apps has become an effective way to engage customers. Billions of people access messaging apps every day, so it’s increasingly important that your business takes advantage of them too.

We’ve tested out a lot of different options, so here are some of the best messaging apps you will find on both Android and iOS.

Popular Social Messaging Apps for Your Business

  1. Signal
  2. Wire
  3. Threema
  4. Wickr Me
  5. Silence
  6. Dust
  7. Status
  8. Telegram
  9. Riot
  10. Tox
  11. Discord
  12. KIK
  13. Kontalk
  14. Slack

1. Signal

Due to messaging apps, it becomes easy to connect and interact with everyone throughout the world.

Nevertheless, with innovative ways to speak and link up through high-tech, there are more chances and methods for your secrecy and safety to be broken.

More than a million individuals worldwide utilize Signal for direct, without any charge, and encoded connection because it’s referred to as one of the top secure electronic messaging apps in the marketplace.

signal app

The Signal could be a crosswise platform encoded electronic messaging service devoted to throughout coded voice and coded text.

Platforms available for the Signal app is Android, desktop, and iPhone. You can download Signal App for iPhone and Android.

2. Wire

Another certified conversation app possibility is Wire. The Wire is one in every of the only a few apps that organize throughout secret coding because the default to guard your texts, pictures, and data file.

Wire’s secret coding works clearly within the view and doesn’t ought to be active because it’s invariably on.

wire app

Besides, a brand new secret coding utilizes each message, decreasing one dedication key’s influence.

Law assignment writing UK services are approaching all messaging Apps to connect with students most securely and conveniently.

The platforms accessible for Wire is Android, Web, and iOS. You can download Wire App for iPhone and Android.

3. Threema

With more than one million downloads, Threema is one every of the foremost dedicated secure electronic messaging apps for Windows phones, iOS, and Android.

The app doesn’t require an e-mail ID or mobile number during registration. Rather, it gives you a distinct Threema ID.


Additionally to messages, Threema permits secret coding for voice calls, cluster chats, data files. You can get Threema App for iOS and Android.

4. Wickr Me

Wickr Me is another spectacular encoded electronic messaging app for iOS additionally as Android. It encodes each message utilizing advanced assessment throughout secret encoding.

You’ll be able to send personal, self-delusion messages, pictures, voice messages, and videos to different Wickr users.

Wickr Me

The application has presented a “Device” attribute that irreparably deletes all of your messages and distributes media material from your tool.

You could place an expiration time on your chats. This personal electronic messaging app needs no mobile number or e-mail address during registration, and it doesn’t save any information related to your connection. You can get Wickr Me App for Android and iOS.

5. Silence

Formerly referred to as SMS Secured, Silence could be an exceptional personal electronic messaging application for your cellphone.

It utilizes Axolotl secret coding security to produce end-to-end secret encoding to different Silence users.

Silence app

If the opposite party doesn’t have the app, you could connect with a daily SMS app. Silence function like a standard SMS app; therefore it needs no data processor or net association on your mobile.

There is no demand to register or login yourself. Furthermore, the app is without any charges. You can get the app on the Android platform.

6. Dust

This app is made with absolute security. The Dust was at one time referred to as Cyber-Dust. Dust chats are densely encoded, and it provides throughout secret coding to different users.

Dust doesn’t save chats in any unlimited storage, and you could set your chats to wipe out in real-time once the receiver reads them. This secure conversation app invalid the chance of screen capture of your conversations.

Dust app

It mechanically observes and sends word to you if someone takes a screen capture, making it one of the top secure electronic messaging apps worldwide.

Furthermore, Dust is additionally a media platform, and it allows you to follow individuals, transfer and acquire stickers, texts, videos, multiple links, and much more. It is without any charges. You can download it for iOS and Android.

7. Status

The Status could be an innovative player within the most guaranteed electronic messaging applications market.

You do not require a mobile number to sign-in; alternatively, Status utilizes public and personal cryptologic keys that are kept on your mobile tool.

status app

Further, you have to form a chat name and key that’s utterly distinctive to you. This app additionally permits you to affix public conversations. You can download it for iOS and Android platforms.

8. Telegram

Telegram is another highly regarded possibility for personal conversations. It possesses most matching options like the Signal app that involves voice calls, end-to-end secret coding, cluster chats approximately up to one lac members, and many more attributes.


It has self-undo messages, and the app is total without any charges. You can get the download for iPhone and Android.

9. Riot

Riot could be a worldwide, guaranteed conversation app organized to boost connection and cooperation.

With Riot, you could create rooms about any topic you prefer, share data files, conversations, and video calls or manage discussions.


This app is available is Web, Android, Mac OS, iOS, and Windows. You can download the app for iPhone and Android.

10. Tox

Tox is an app without any charges and a security program that enables you to attach along with your squad, companions, and family.


Its attributes embody instant electronic messaging, video and voice connection, file sharing, and cluster chats.

The platform includes Android, Windows, Mac OS, FreeBSD, and Linux. Download the app for Android.

11. Discord

Discord is known as convenient messages and voice conversation for a gamer. It’s guaranteed, and its function for cellphone and PC both. Furthermore, Discord could be a society for gamer created around taking part in games.


The platforms for Discord involve Windows, Mac OS, and Android. You can download the app for iPhone and Android.

12. KIK

KIK is one every of the foremost secure and personal apps on this list. It doesn’t utilize your mobile number to that only a username could determine you.


Likewise, every message is kept solely on your mobile; that’s a secrecy characteristic. The platforms include iOS and Android. You can get the app for iPhone and Android.

13. Kontalk

Kontalk app has no charges, and it is for Android, Desktop, and Web. You can save every file completely on your high-guaranteed server.


You may be the sole person accountable for every conversation you’ve got along with your family and companions.

The platform includes PC, Linus, Mac, and Android. You can download the app for iPhone and Android.

14. Slack

Slack could be a nice, handy tool for workgroups. It permits you to form chats with several users, share different media types, and collect all the files for a project in one place.


However, it’s free for little groups if you’re about to use it actively for larger teams and take into account obtaining their business arrangement.

The platform includes Chrome, Android, Mac OS, Windows, and iOS. You can get the app for iPhone and Android.

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