How to Get Hired At an Animation Studio Without Breaking a Sweat?

How to Get Hired At an Animation Studio Without Breaking a Sweat?

If you have opted for the profession of animation and lack animation experience, you can avail several options to enter the field of animation.

One of the most common questions animators often think is how they can enter into animation. Where do they start?

An animator must develop the fundamental skills required by video animation production services as a beginner.

The animator needs illustration skills to create a realistic movement to get up to speed using animation software.

Moreover, they can watch tutorials covering some of the basic concepts of animation, vocabulary, principles, software, and hardware.

Finally, animation students should engage in a 2D animation course designed to produce outstanding animator graduates with professional animation skills.

Comprehensive training enables them to use animation software for posing, staging, moving character rigs on 3D software, drawing, and understanding the vocabulary and specialized terms used in video animation production.

 A professional animator with an animation degree can also choose internship opportunities that customize their animation learning path.

Animation interns learn to spend a good portion of their time learning applicable animation skills and growing their portfolios.

Consequently, it allows them to develop their communication and collaboration skills, video editing skills, exhibiting their creativity in creating whiteboard animations, storyboard videos, animation marketing videos, and much more. 

Today, more businesses and software development agencies desire animators to learn new areas of animation related to social media and web-based software.

Therefore, they need to learn innovative and ground-breaking AI and ML technologies that increase the production process.

AI and ML are helpful tools that will assist animators in focusing on creating 3D face models and character movements.

By employing their digital 3D animation skills, ML animators can easily model a still 3D face.

The other modeling techniques, including facial performance transfer, performance editing, and 3D face synthesis 3D geometry of a face, effectively help animators to use still images to create facial expressions. 

 To boost the brand’s marketing, video animators play a significant part in creating a short, informational, entertaining video.

Whether introducing a new product, establishing its online presence in the marketplace, or promoting its brand on various marketing platforms, a brief, engaging video portraying the company’s products will inform and create brand awareness.

The more marketers share brand descriptions and their functions on their sites; it will help to develop and maintain our strong, engaging social media presence.

Moreover, it increases higher visibility and strong brand awareness. Knowledge of AI and ML will help the animators to learn the modern scope of animation that will take their outstanding animation skills to an invisible level of success.

The Things Animators Need to Get Hired at an Animation Studio

  1. Build Your Portfolio
  2. Get an Animation Degree
  3. Create a Demo Reel
  4. Need to Know your niche
  5. Develop your animation skills
  6. Energize yourself for a thriving animation career

1. Build Your Portfolio

Suppose you have decided to enter the real world and opt for a thriving career in visual animation.

In that case, your foremost role is to explore video animation services and another freelancing platform where you can upload your portfolio.

Building an informative and professional portfolio that demonstrates your professional setting, skills, academic background, accomplishments, and experiences.

An excellent portfolio provides comprehensive records of your professional excellence. Creating an impressive portfolio helps animators highlight and demonstrate their extensive career achievements.


Consequently, personal information incorporated into a portfolio allows individuals to reflect on their abilities and help them choose a profession.

Portfolios are important as they assist an applicant during the interview process. An interviewee can select items from a portfolio that could include in a smaller interview portfolio.

The smaller portfolio presented during the interview will prove to the employer that you are qualified for that specific job.

Consequently, the best portfolio communicates your skills and showcases your work to the client.

It is the perfect way to let the world know about your talent! A portfolio will talk to your customers on your behalf!

2. Get an Animation Degree

If you have decided to acquire the profession of animation, it requires you to have formal education in this respective field.

Your options should include associate and bachelor’s degree programs in animation or visual arts.

To learn more about technical skills, you can avail of non-degree programs like certificate and diploma programs in animation.

Degree programs usually comprise advanced courses that provide a broader education of the subject you wish to study. 

Another option is to explore animation programs and courses. Get enrolled in an animation or design course that matches your career goals and help.

You can learn the skills required in a Media Arts and Animation program. Moreover, you can learn the fundamental concepts of animation designing tools and video making.

A wide range of online courses on websites helps you seek the relevant animation course you wish to acquire. 

3. Create a Demo Reel

A college degree is unnecessary; creating your demo reel is a significant tool for attracting a studio’s attention.

Creating a high-quality reel exhibit your high abilities, enabling you to get hired as a competent animator.

In addition, you can begin making short personal videos where you put together all of your best works.

The reel video works brilliantly as it emphasizes your accomplishments taking place in a short period.

Compiling a final version of the demo reel requires you to choose the project worth mentioning that help to spotlight your animation skills.

Usually, demo reels are watched by entrepreneurs, business owners, and other personnel. 

An impressive and attention-grabbing Portfolio video significantly catches the attention of the animation video services or proposed clients you desire to work with.

In addition, you can get hands-on projects right away and can grow your skills through a professional demo reel. 

Isn’t that great? With the finest portfolio video help, you connect with the best local animators.

They acknowledge your animation skills and provide you with more inventive opportunities to excel in your animation skills.

In addition, the personal information incorporates into Demo Reel is a useful tool in marketing yourself to employers, corporations, colleges, and universities. Hence, it helps you to master your skills and deliver the best optimum result.

4. Need to Know your niche

If you have been working in a field for a long time and you may feel as if you have been stuck and unable to bring diversity to work.

It’s time to identify your niche and think of a quick switch. Growing and maintaining a new role might be challenging, but knowing your field of interest keeps you motivated.

Identifying your keen interests is vital in helping you pick the right career that boosts your skills. 

If you have opted for the animation field, it offers several paths. Before entering the animation industry, you can choose to specialize in a particular area, such as Storyboards, Layout, and Character design. Rigging. Special effects using 2D and 3D animations and video editing.

5. Develop your animation skills

Once your animation degree program gets completed, you need practical assistance to boost your animation skills.

Your instructors can only teach you how to become an animator; however, gaining hands-on animation experience will help you get into a real studio as you graduate.

In addition, having professional assistance of video animation services will assist you in enriching your drawing, animation, graphics, and software skills as required to work in an animation job.

Today, all businesses and mobile application development agencies prefer a professional animator to have an essential skillset that involves:

  • An animator needs to be creative. They have enough knowledge to work with the tools available to create the required result.  
  • They could create engaging storytelling about the product.
  • A professional animator can add tiny details to their animated movie to make it appealing to the audience.
  • The knowledge of technical skills concerning animation software gives an added benefit to an animator. For instance, they need to learn about Autodesk Maya, which helps in Character animation, modeling, simulation, and motion graphics which can be done using the software. Adobe Character Animator is a useful software for beginners, enabling them how to create and animate a character or an object. Cinema 4D is a 3D animation software. It is appropriate for both beginners and professionals. The animators can use this software for lighting, modeling, visual effects, and texturing.
  • Furthermore, beginners should know how to operate the software of Toon Boom Harmony. This software is trendy for 2D animation and is used to create frame-by-frame, rig animation, and animate hand-drawing images. Finally, knowledge of Blender software is immensely important for animators. They use this software for 3D modeling, animation, rigging, simulation, composting, rendering, motion tracking, and video editing.  

6. Energize yourself for a thriving animation career

Young and enthusiastic animators enter the job market with educational qualifications, skills, and a portfolio demonstrating their talent and animation expertise.

Today, many animation video agencies in the market encourage young animators to join various fields of animation.

Fresh graduates desire to join mobile game development. Creating and designing video games requires animators’ artistic and technical talents to design, prototype, and produce engaging, entertaining games for the audience.

While creating unique games, the animators do wide research, learn about character sketches and story development, and use game production tools. 

Another highly preferable area of animation is Character Animation. The animators develop interesting and realistic characters that connect with their audiences.

Character animation enables animators to focus on their artistic skills, drawing, visual design, sound effects, and other technical skills to create impressive characters for videos and cartoons.

Young animators have developed expertise in visual effects. The field of visual effects implies animators creating illusions and simulated events using software programs like Adobe After Effects.

They also developed skills to turn digital imagery into believable live-action footage. Moreover, visual animators also create engaging storytelling, 3D layers in After Effects, and generate and control 3D particle systems.

Advertising and marketing is the most significant area that animators prefer to join. Learners develop digital marketing and business skills with the help of digital marketing companies that help them to create alluring digital advertising campaigns.

The animators display online advertisements consisting of text and visual elements and animated images on websites, apps, and devices.

They appear in or alongside the content of a website. Animation designers also create online video advertising comprising captivating audio content, impressive voiceover, and music.

Eye-catching online video ads help to attract a wider audience instantly. Digital advertising also involves social media advertising.

The animators prepare social media ads that appear on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Working in digital marketing enables young animators to gain vast experience in creating social media strategies, digital branding, and multimedia storytelling for print, television, and other advertising channels.


As you have become familiar with animation tools, the next step is to master your animation skills. Your keen observation and consistent effort will enable you to become a proficient and trained animator.

To get complete command of character animation, i.e., 2D and 3D animation, creating breathtaking storyboard lines, and visualizing and creating appealing brand and marketing videos, you require professional animation assistance through a video animation agency.

To determine which is the best video marketing production company that caters to your needs, you have indulged in extensive market research.

For instance, you can pick Primo Animation, the best video streaming service in town that will help animators and illustrators get involved with 2D production, 3D production, and post-production.

Primo Animation is a leading video animation agency that provides excellent and cost-effective video animation services to our valued customers.

The creative animation team at Primo Animation help animators optimize their artistic skills and productivity.

Our storyboard artists produce outstanding artwork using traditional 2D Animation3D animation and other classic animated styles.

Our video animators create interactive advertisements, commercials, and other marketing materials.

Our animators provide inclusive guidance to young animators on boosting their animation skills and envisage them to meet their career goals and passions. 

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