How to Extend your Software Development Team

How to Extend your Software Development Team

With business growth, the volume of development grows, the marketplace grows, and the number of customers or investors demanding actual results.

Another challenge is the need for more people on board to stimulate the development process and achieve the goals.

Rather than hiring additional personnel when the need arises, the best move would be to extend the software development team.

A lot of organizations these days have already seen a huge improvement in operations in terms of efficiency, thanks to offshore software development.

One of the best ways to extend the team is to enlist the services of an offshore software development company.

Extending the Team of Software Developers

How to make the most from outsourcing software development? Making the most of outsourcing also means knowing how to best extend the development team.

The following are ways to extend software development teams and what to expect from their adoption.  

1. Establish clear goals

In any business, if there’s one thing that could be overemphasized, it’s reaching the goals. It’s interesting to note that many entrepreneurs miss it by spending once the need arises, rather than having a clear plan of where the business is headed and how to get there. In software development, having clear goals helps in so many ways.

Furthermore, having clear goals drive projects a business chooses to execute and guides/motivates the offshore software development team from code writing to arrive at the market.

Along with effective communication and work integration from every unit, faster turnaround and high productivity could be achieved.

2. Software development outsourcing

Outsourcing means allowing an external development team to handle some development operations.

Companies can outsource just about anywhere, particularly if the aim is to achieve more much quicker. Offshoring kills two birds with one stone.

When you engage with an offshore software development company, you save money since the wages are much less in developing countries.

Thus, you get to hire more hands by leveraging the exchange rate. Outsourcing to extend the team is not a road to employing cheap labor but a partnership.

The outsourcing team is responsible for delivering a project on schedule and within the budget stipulated.

Pros of Outsourcing Software Development

  1. Time Savings
  2. Savings on the development cost
  3. Top talent
  4. Scalability
  5. Proven processes and workflows

Cons of Outsourcing Software Development

  1. Communication issues
  2. Limited motivation
  3. Less development team control
  4. Low code quality and documentation

3. Hire freelance developers

The same as outsourcing, a business could also engage freelancers in the area offshore.

This is becoming more and more popular as many professionals are picking it up as income on the side. Others prefer it because of the flexibility it brings.

Hiring freelance software developers may not be a good option for big tech companies, but it could really be a big asset for startups.

An extension of the small development team could provide the liberty to scale up or down anytime.

Hiring freelancers could save more money since it would only be on a pay-per-project basis.

Furthermore, an organization could also access high-quality developers with global experience.

Pros of Hiring Freelance Software Developers

  1. Access to a big talent pool
  2. Saves on the cost
  3. Get to spend more time on major business functionalities
  4. Faster software delivery

Cons of Hiring Freelancer Software Developers

  1. Does not guarantee quality
  2. Unreliability
  3. Lack of planning
  4. Confidentiality issues

4. Hiring In-House Software Developers

While hiring an offshore software development company is an ideal solution for most, there are instances when it’s good to consider a conventional and logical approach to extend the software development team.

This could be done by making the in-house team more robust. While this could be expensive since you have to hire as well as train continuously.

Nevertheless, if you’re doing things right, the business will experience growth. The bigger the company will become, the more projects it will get, and the higher the client trust and users’ trust will be.

There are indeed some operations you just can’t take anywhere else. A trusted in-house team has to execute them.

Outstaffing is a new idea that recently has become quite common in the business field to promote ideas through technology.

Most software businesses based in the United Kingdom and the United States utilize the services of software development services providers from remote or developing countries.

There is better work integration and communication with an in-house team. Furthermore, managing an in-house team is easier since everybody shares the same zip code.

They are the point of call during emergencies. A qualified team is necessary to turn a unique idea into a working product, thus outstaffing helps find qualified candidates.

Furthermore, many firms these days opt to out-staff their software development project.

Pros of Having In-House Developers

  1. Smooth communication flow
  2. On-time work
  3. Proper control

Cons of Having In-House Developers

  1. Higher cost
  2. Slow launch

5. Outstaffing

Outstaffing, the same as outsourcing, involves hiring an offshore development team as well. The main difference is that the extended team is an integral part of the organization of the client.

They may not belong to the same region, but they work in tandem with the primary in-house development team.

The in-house team maintains supervision and control of the external unit. The benefits are quite the same as outsourcing, and you could engage services via an outstaffing agency.

Outstaffing enables you to access a pool of international talents with zero overheads.

Pros of Outstaffing

  1. Hire amazing professionals
  2. Reasonable and lower rates
  3. Hire workers as per project basis
  4. Able to modify the schedule

Cons of Outstaffing

  1. Disloyalty of the members of the team
  2. Expensive high-quality communication channels
  3. More responsibility for the final result


A dedicated and excellent development team could give your business peace of mind with quality, and speed, and offers the freedom to focus on core business requirements.

As your business starts to grow, you would have to consider extending the development team to achieve your goals and to further boost the ROI.