How to check who viewed my Facebook profile?

How to check who viewed my Facebook profile?

If you are Facebook user then you must have often wondered who have visited your profile or who is interested in looking into your profile and you have often thought how to see who is stalking your Facebook profile

Well, earlier there was no way to see this but keeping in mind the need of the users Facebook has bought a new feature using which the users can now see who has viewed their profile. However, this feature is not available for all the devices but for few like a desktop. So, the answer to your question ‘can I see who viewed my Facebook profile’ is yes, you can with the use of a desktop. 

Steps to see who visited my profile recently – 

    1. To begin the procedure the users need open Facebook in any of the browsers you are using on your computer. 
    2. Now once you have opened Facebook and are on the login page you need to login to your Facebook account by entering the login credentials of your account, your username and the password of the account. 
    3. After you have logged into your account you have to go to your profile page by pressing on your name which you will find at the left hand side corner of the screen. 
    4. Now, the users need to right click on the mouse and you will see a pop menu will appear in front of you from which you have to select option of view page source. 
    5. Type CTRL + F on the keyboard and then copy this code ‘initialchatfriendslist’ in the search bar. 

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Amy Jackson