How to become independent freelancer

How to become independent freelancer


Being a freelancer means being independent and working for different clients. Rather than being an employee of a specific company, a freelancer works for several companies.

He does not get paid the traditional number of hours (35 hours per week), but he does get paid according to his services.

A freelancer has no salary limit and he can make as much money as he wants if he can sell his services. For example, a freelancer can sell a service for 1000$ if he wants.

The advantage of working freelance is that you work where you want as long as you have an internet connection. Therefore, we can work in all countries of the world.

There are millions of freelancers in all fields; here are the main ones, the ones who work really well:

Usually, freelancers are in the digital world. But to walk well you need charisma (if you negotiate face to face) and envy.

That means they mainly sell things that will be used on the internet. For example, a freelance will sell a video that will be placed on the homepage of an industrial site.

In fact, freelance services can really cover everything related to the digital world and the internet. The advantage is no one tells you to get up at 7 a.m. and stay in the office until 7 p.m. Eh yes! This constraint disappears when you manage to work as a freelance!

People don’t realize what it is. When you’re a freelancer, you choose when to work, where to work, and with whom to work. If a client is wasting our time, we can quite easily explain to him that we are not going to continue working with him.

Over time, freelancers no longer need to look for clients; it is clients who come to them. And that’s when the best time comes when you have to learn to delegate certain clients to free yourself uptime while increasing your income at the same time.

In short, be freelance is also being an entrepreneur, it is also setting up a business in such a way as to be as profitable as possible. Me it fascinates me since I am in it because it really changed my life.

Create services for sale to be autonomous

If you also want to be a freelancer, there are steps to follow. The first thing is to find your strengths because that is what you are going to sell.

You are going to sell what you can do in the digital world like you are the best SEO consultant. If you don’t know how to do anything, my training will teach you the 3 skills that you can sell for a high price without taking too much time.

All businesses need:

  • From a website
  • To be referenced
  • To have social networks

If you learn these 3 skills, you are sure to be successful in making money on the internet. It is with these 3 skills that you will be able to work freelance. This is how I became it and this is how you can become it.

There is another skill that you can monetize very expensive. If you know how to develop, you are also certain to have clients and to be successful as a freelancer. I assure you that once you have your customers it is happiness!

The only thing you need to master in your delivery. What do you sell, to whom and how?

I advise you to focus on website creation and SEO to start. These are things that can make you big money!

In one week I do my best to give you all the means to be freelance and to earn a good living.

Start your freelance activity

Once you are declared, and you have defined what you want to sell, you must find customers. There is nothing too complicated if you do as I tell you.

Internet is made for freelancers when you know a little. Internet is where you will find your customers, without traveling and without wasting time!

You just have to wait for your first customers to arrive. And if one day a client does not suit you, you can refuse their offer without any problem.

Tips to find a valuable client

1. Never sell cheap services

If you want to freelance, I have given you the key steps, but they are not enough. There is a principle that will help you all your life if you want to attract the right customers. Never sell cheap services.

Benefits that are inexpensive attract people who have no money. The problem is people are always trying to grab whatever they can with the little money they have.

This means that these are customers who will harass you with messages for the slightest problem. These are customers who will take all of your time. These clients will waste your time you can’t imagine how much.

Whereas if you are selling expensive products, you are reaching out to customers who have the means, who are ready to trust you and who will happily work with you. I promise you the difference is huge.

If you want to make money and stay freelance for a few years, only aim for quality and clients who have the money. You will be wasting your time otherwise.

2. Increase your income

The second thing to increase your income when you’re a freelancer is not to hesitate to delegate certain things.

I told you to register on freelance sites. On these sites, there are lots of people like you. If one day a client asks you for a specific site with a feature that you don’t know how to set up … pay a freelance coder who will do it for you!

This is also why you should sell your expensive services. Because you will be able to use your clients’ money to delegate certain tasks to other freelancers. You will be able to create a freelance team over time!

Maybe I’m not clear enough I don’t realize. But it is really the key that will make you succeed or not. It’s like a blog; we delegate the writing of articles and video editing. Well, when you’re a freelancer, you delegate what others can do for you. Why bother and waste your time?

Because the time you save will be used to manage other contracts! To earn more money, to delegate more tasks, and to remain free and independent.

Being a freelancer is good, but being a freelancer, having money and time is even better!

And yes, I didn’t say it because it felt natural to me. Always charge ⅓ of your contracts to your customers before you start. The money collected will allow you to live and delegate the tasks I just mentioned.


There, those were my last words! I hope you enjoyed this article and convinced you of the advantages of being freelance!

Work using your brain and above all, do not hesitate to follow my training offered to learn how to become one!


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