A Simple Guide to Voice Over in Video Marketing

A Simple Guide to Voice Over in Video Marketing

voice over Sounds is one of the most critical aspects of every video marketing that many people seem to overlook.

In fact, sound quality is just as important as visuals. When the sound is intriguing and engaging enough for viewers to watch the video, the chance of people staying until the end of a video is higher.

Besides sound effects and background music, voice-over is also one of the common forms of sound element added in a video.

Getting the right voice-over that matches the context will put the video to the next level. The target audience won’t be easily bored with the content marketers have made.

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This can significantly improve the campaign’s performance and help businesses close more deals.

So, when you’re wondering whether voice acting makes a great career. In that case, the answer is definitely yes!

There will always be an opportunity for excellent voice actors. If you don’t know where to start voice acting, you’re on the right page.

What is Voice Over?

what is voice over

Voice-over is the technique of voice acting for animation, video games, and other audio productions.

It’s used in many videos that need storytelling or narration to help viewers understand the content seamlessly.

The voice-over is done to portray the characters in a video and add an audio layer, enhancing visual quality. Not only that, but it also helps explain things better to viewers when narrating.

A voice-over can also be used during radio stations as announcements or for advertisement purposes.

Marketing professionals use this technique to create promo videos or online advertisements, later named video marketing campaigns.

How is Voice Over Different from Narration?


They both work hand in hand to deliver a successful marketing campaign. The voice-over and narration are different, but both of them carry the same objective: to educate and inspire.

Some people consider it two different terms, while some also call it one term. However, there is one difference between the two:

Voice-over sound requires only audio, while narration requires visual elements along with the audio. At times, video makers add subtitles to videos for simplicity’s sake.

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But what actually happens is, the authenticity of the video gets lost even though it seems convenient for viewers at that point in time.

It doesn’t happen in every scenario, but when you’re making something that will inspire or motivate your audience, remember not to miss out on the authenticity.

Every Type of Voice Over Tones

Voice-over tones depend on the type of video you’re going to cover. If you’re covering for a historical video, your voice tone shouldn’t give off a funny or entertaining sense. That won’t serve the video purpose.

On the other hand, if you want to help marketers make product demo videos, you should adjust your tone to fit the context.

In brief, voice-over tones can vary from one another based on the whole purpose of the video itself.

However, there are some standard tones you can remake for different occasions throughout your voice acting journey.

For a video marketing campaign, however, you can implement a commercial and narration tone.

These are excellent for bringing up a positive affirmation in the video. You can also use character tones when covering for animated explainer videos to evoke emotion.

How to do VoiceOver on Your Own?

For first-timers, it can be challenging to start voice acting and record on their own. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do a voice-over in your home.

The following are some tips to create a voice-over on your own:

  1. Write your scripts
  2. Record your voice
  3. Recheck your voice clarity

Write your scripts

script writtings

First thing first, write video scripts before recording your voice. This is an important stage because it helps you keep track when voice acting.

No matter how experienced you are, you should use a video script when delivering your words.

Script your voice-over with the words you’re going to speak in the video. Make sure that the script makes sense with the context or visual of the video itself.

You also must understand the timing so your words fit the chapter where a clip shows to the audience.

Record your voice

Next, you can film and record your video from a free distraction place. If you’re unable to rent a recording studio, consider going to quiet places like hotel rooms instead.

Since most hotel rooms are designed with soundproof walls, they make a great substitution for a professional studio.

And one of the most popular hacks is that you can utilize your closet as a DIY recording booth.

You can also design a low-budget studio by using a couch and pillows surrounding it. This design imitates how a sound-free booth is like.

One common mistake for beginners is that they tend to finish a few lines in a single go in order to keep the same tone.

While this isn’t necessarily wrong, this technique may be daunting for first-timers trying to record their voices.

Try adjusting your voice to fit the context of your video, and then if you’re ready, you can speak according to the script and end it at a specific time to give you some breaks.

Recheck your voice clarity

The key to succeeding in a voice acting career is to ensure your recording aligns with the video you’re going to cover. After recording your voice, it’s wise to take another look at how your voice-over sounds.

  • Does its tone fit the character or the context of the video?
  • Will your pace make it easier for people to follow your guidance?
  • Is your voice clear enough to listen?

There are many other questions you should check when finishing your recording. Some elements worth considering are your audio clarity and volume, pacing, pronunciation, pitch, and tones.

You should make sure that these aspects don’t overlap one another and need to match your video content.

How to Write Your Own Scripts?

Before recording your voice, writing scripts is an integral part of your voice acting. You can’t opt-out of a script even though you’re an expert already. The script will help you speak out your words accordingly.

what is script writting

Here are some questions you should answer when making a script for marketing videos promoting brands or products.

Answering these questions will give you a sense of what a good voice-over is like for viewers:

  • What’s the value proposition of your product offered in the marketing video?
  • What’s the benefit that viewers should know?
  • How does the product or service help customers and improve their lives?
  • How does the product differ from others?
  • Why should people choose your products?

Write down your answers and turn them into a storyline, where you can deliver the message in a meaningful way.

Storytelling is a part of marketing strategy; whether you speak in a corporate or entertaining tone, this technique will make your voice-over flow smoothly.

Where to Find a Professional Voice Over Artist For Business?

If you’re thinking about where to find these artists, then here are some places which you can check out:

  1. Online communities & forums
  2. Craigslist
  3. Online voice-over marketplace
  4. Look out for promo codes
  5. Voice over agencies

Online communities & forums

There are several online communities where people who are interested in providing voice-over service come together. You can join them, post your request and wait for responses from their side.

Since there are several people trying to make their presence felt through this method, you should be patient if you don’t get any response immediately after posting your question or requirement.

Be sure that you take a screenshot or bookmark that post because you might just need it another day.


If your budget is tight and you’re looking for affordable voice-over service, then Craigslist is the best place to go.

Most of the small-time bands and singers look out for gigs on this platform, so as soon as they hear about your requirement, they’ll contact you with their portfolio and samples from which you can select the one who suits your requirements.

But be sure to read all the sample lines and reviews before selecting them as there have been cases where people got cheated by taking their money but providing a poor quality product.

Online voice-over marketplace

There are a number of online websites which provide professional voice artists at an affordable price. Most of them have the same set of rules and procedures.

You need to create a profile to look out for artists according to preset criteria or simply post your requirements with a sample audio file to get bids from potential candidates.

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These websites also provide voice samples from different voice-over professionals, which you can listen to before zeroing in on one particular person.

Look out for promo codes

There are some promo codes available across various online portals that offer heavy discounts or special voice-over packages along with other benefits such as free shipping and handling, etc.,

so it would be better if you go through all such offers before finalizing your contract with these voice-over artists.

Voice over agencies

You can pick your favorite voice over firms, companies, and agencies by simply finding on google by this keyword Voice over agencies or you search in your contact for the best Voice over agency.


The most important thing in making a voice-over for a video marketing campaign is to deliver your message in a friendly and pleasant tone.

You don’t want to sound too aggressive or too pushy because you’re promoting a product. However, you should strive to sound assertive by giving clear instructions on what’s being shown in the video and why it matters.

Users rely on videos as an accessible way to learn new things about any given topic or product. With the right script, you can ensure that they come away with handy information that matches a brand’s message


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