Do You Know What is The Significance of Ihram During Umrah According to Islam?

Do You Know What is The Significance of Ihram During Umrah According to Islam?

The most specific and significant ritual for executing Umrah and Hajj is Ihram. It is the initial step in performing both these Holy deeds. Entering into Ihram is the religious obligation that refers to the state of purity and cleanliness in which a person enters for executing the rituals of Umrah or Hajj. It is compulsory clothing that is white colored and has a specific way of wearing. It is specifically a cotton sheet that is unstitched without any design or graphic effects. Pilgrims wear Ihram to start their performance of Umrah and this initial step is conducted before crossing the “Meeqat” point near Makkah. There are different points of Meeqat where you can enter into Ihram as follows:

  • Dhul Hulayfah
  • Al-Juhfah
  • Dhat Irq
  • Yalamlam
  • Qarn AL-Manazil

Rules for Wearing Ihram

Ihram is different for both the genders including for women there are two pieces while for men only one piece of cloth is worn as Ihram. Men wear in a distinctive way and the women are supposed to wear the scarf as well as the second clothing is to cover the body. The main rule of wearing ihram is to take bath with proper policies and guidelines of Islam and purification of all body parts is necessary. In some cases, a bath could not be taken so people are obligated to only do ablution that is “Wudhu”. The private parts are shaved and cleaned as well and it would also be a good deed to cut your nails to exhibit proper cleanliness. It is a Sunnah that you can apply “attar” or any non-alcoholic perfume that seems pleasant to your body. But the perfume should not be applied to the clothing it must be applied to the body. Some of the following situations are discussed in which Ihram could not be worn and people are prohibited to execute Umrah in such situations as it would be not acceptable.

  • During the menstruation period, women are prohibited to wear Ihram and are not allowed to perform Umrah or Hajj as they are not clean on such days. It would be considered a sin if they do such deeds against the rules of Islam.
  • Someone who enters Ihram without taking bath or performing Wudhu is also considered unclean. His performance will also not be accepted as he did not follow the teachings of Islam.

Performing Umrah and Availing Umrah Packages

There are different travel agencies that have been working to offer the pilgrims with affordable and cheap rates of Umrah packages that are based on different night schedules and stays in which pilgrims could seek the forgiveness of Allah and fulfill the requirements of the Holy deeds. There are different Umrah packages ranging from 6-night Umrah packages to 10-night Umrah packages that could be availed by the Muslims to execute the Holy deeds. A lot of travel agencies also provide the option to hire guides who would properly guide the pilgrims about the actual way of wearing the Ihram and its significance.

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