Digha: Hotel rent not share price!

Digha: Hotel rent not share price!

A tourist from Kolkata was walking around the hotel door with his family members for about four hours from dawn. If room rent is available somewhere – in that hope. Almost all the hotel authorities poured water on his efforts. Someone said the house was not empty. Again, the eye-catching tourist who hears what someone has asked for rent for a standard house. In the end, he somehow spent the night with almost three times the rent and set out on his way home the next morning.
Digha is one of the favorite tourist destinations of Bengalis on weekends. Besides the general public, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself is keen on tourism in this beach town of the district. But in the last few weeks, many tourists have had a bitter experience visiting this beach town. And the main reason for which is the information about unrestricted rent in most of the hotels. Allegedly, the rate at which the rents of various hotels in Digha fluctuate on a daily basis during the summer vacation season is virtually slowing down the rise and fall of the stock market. Complaints that some hotel authorities do not provide proper service and usage despite the extra money. Many tourists are demanding administrative surveillance on the issue of unbridled rent.

Subrata Roy came to Digha with his family from North 24 Parganas on the last weekend of May. In his words, “We went in a group of 10 people, including three children. I know hotel rent increases during the season. But the experience in Digha is unimaginable. The price of non-AC rooms in multiple hotels has been demanded from three to four thousand rupees per day. Some people are not willing to give up their house just for Saturday. Despite the request, he had to listen to harsh words. In the end, the non-AC house had to pay two thousand rupees. ”Not only that tourist. During this time, a couple from Ghatal went to Digha. They have the same experience. The couple says, “At other times, the rent for non-AC rooms in small hotels is 600-700 rupees, but they have to pay one and a half thousand rupees.” Now some hotel-lodge owners may be paying for it by cutting their throats like this.

Old and New Digha has around 700 large and medium sized hotels and lodges. The price of a room in big hotels is given on their website. Typically, air-conditioned rooms are available in medium-sized hotels for between Rs 1,500 and Rs 1,500. But during summer vacations like this, it has been alleged that the rent of those houses is being taken from two and a half to three thousand rupees. Originally, Shivalaya Mandir Road in Old Dighar, hotels and lodges adjacent to Rajbari were allegedly being rented out by ‘cutting the throat’. He also claimed that there was ‘tyranny’ in renting houses in ‘N-Two’ sector of New Digha.

Looking around the area, it is seen that the excessive rent is not the same all week even during the holiday season. Last weekend, they went to several hotels on Shibalaya Mandir Road and found that the air-conditioned house was priced between Rs 1.5 and Rs 2,000. And the average house is 600 to 700 rupees. But their time and the last week of May was almost double. Now why the rent is so different!

Introducing the hotel manager, a young man says, “At one time the price went up. But you don’t come after June 20. You will see that the rent will be further reduced. And now many people are not getting room in the current situation. And you are bargaining for rent! ” The hotel owners’ association is also accepting the allegation that some hotels are being overcharged. Bipradas Chakraborty, joint secretary of the Digha Hotel Owners Association, said: I have warned them about this. ”

It may be mentioned that since becoming the Chief Minister of the state in 2011, Mamata Banerjee had announced to make Digha a world class tourist destination. It is alleged that the exact amount of hotel and lodge room rent is not being checked administratively. Besides the Digha-Shankarpur Development Board, the beach town in Ramnagar-1 block is in charge of surveillance. Digha-Shankarpur Development Board sources said that no complaint of extra rent has reached them so far. However, Vishnupad Roy, BDO of Ramnagar-1, said, “There are plans to hold talks with DSDA and hotel owners after the end of the holiday season.” How much should be rented in a hotel will be discussed. ” (Continued)

Amy Jackson