Why Diabetes Treatment in Ayurveda is The Safest Way

People seek ways to keep the disease under control using medicines that pose no or minimum side effects.

One of the most convincing ways of treating diabetes is via Ayurvedic herbs. Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes manage your diabetes with natural inclusions in your diet.

Diabetes is known as Madhumeha in Ayurvedic science. It was a well-known disease to the ancient physicians of India.

A detailed description of its characteristics and administration features a place in ancient Ayurvedic texts.

Ayurvedic experts treat diabetes via a natural approach. They make little changes in the day to day lifestyle of patients. They modify diets and include ayurvedic herbs to treat and manage diabetes.

Why ayurvedic treatment for diabetes is the safest?

1. Ayurveda works on the root cause of diabetes

Allopathic medication system jumps to immediate solutions and lead to symptom management at once.

Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes, on the other hand, addresses the cause of the ailment. It does not straight away jump to deal with the symptoms.

It gradually works on detoxifying the body such that medication can work better to manage the root cause.

2. Ayurveda offers you more than medicines

Ayurvedic herbs are beneficial in several ways that people do not even know. They do not just help cure a disease; they work on reforming a toxic lifestyle. A better lifestyle compliments medicines and help sustain the effects.

3. Diminishes future risks

Ayurvedic treatments focus on the root cause of an ailment. It works towards transforming your lifestyle into a healthier one.

When working on the root cause of a disease, ayurvedic treatments diminishes the risks of various other underlying ailments and health issues.

People who include ayurvedic herbs in their diet face lesser health risks and complications.

4. It is pocket-friendly

The best ayurvedic treatment for diabetescan be followed by spending less cash. Allopathic medicines are often too costly to afford.

Additionally, when spending on ayurvedic herbs, you target more than just one single health problem.

Therefore, sugar treatment in Ayurveda is a cost-effective and natural process of fighting the disease.

 Herbs that help treat diabetes

1. Tulsi

Tulsi is an appropriate ayurvedic treatment for sugar to include in your diet if you are a type 2 diabetic patient.

It is an herb for pre-diabetic people. Including tulsi in your daily diet helps lower blood sugar levels.


Tulsi is rich in antioxidants, which further produce elements like caryophyllene, methyl eugenol, and eugenol. All these elements come together to increase insulin sensitivity.

How to consume Tulsi:

  • You can consume tulsi leaves by simply chewing them.
  • Another way to use it is by brewing it with tea every day.

2. Jamun

People who follow ayurvedic treatment for sugar include jamuns in their diet whenever possible. It is a delicious fruit that comprises 82% of water and has nil amounts of sucrose.

It is hypoglycemic, meaning it reduces helps to keep the sugar levels in check in urine and blood. Jamun seeds are rich in jamboline.


It limits starch from transforming into sugar. Not just this, jamuns are also rich in alkaloids that effectively reduce blood sugar levels.

How to include jamuns in your diet:

It is a delicious fruit and can be enjoyed eating raw.

3. Giloy

The next ayurvedic medicine for diabetes to make to the list is giloy. It is great for type 2 diabetes.

Giloy helps in sugar ayurvedic treatment by acting as a hypoglycemic agent. It produces insulin and helps to keep the blood sugar level under check.


It also works towards burning glucose off, which further decreases blood sugar levels. NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) tags giloy to be highly significant for diabetes treatment.

How to consume it:

You can keep giloy overnight in water and consume the water in the morning. Another way of consuming it is by boiling it in water and drinking the concoction.

4. Bael Leaves

If you are seeking sugar ayurvedic treatment, you can try the extremely nutritious bael leaves. Bael leaves are anti-diabetic herbs that keep blood sugar levels and cholesterol under check.

These leaves are scientifically proven hypoglycemic herbs with antioxidant properties. Apart from treating diabetes, bael leaves also provide energy to the pancreas.

beal leaves

Boosting the pancreas further increases the production of insulin. Insulin production helps to keep blood sugar levels under check.

How can you include bael leaves in your diet: 

You can include bael leaves in your diet by eating them raw or preserved. you can also obtain the juice out of the leaves and drink the juice.

However, for diabetes, you can chew 3-4 fresh bael leaves early in the morning. This habit, if continued for long, keeps diabetes under control. People often chew bael and tulsi leaves together on an empty stomach.

5. Banyan tree bark

The banyan tree is a well-known herb for ayurvedic sugar treatment. The bark of the tree is known to possess anti-diabetic properties.

Banyan tree bark

Banyan tree bark contains compounds such as glycosides and flavonoids. For patients with mild diabetes, banyan bark is quite an effective solution.

How can you consume banyan tree bark?

  • Take a fresh piece of bark (about 2 inches) and soak it in water overnight. Blend the bark in the water and filter the liquid out. Consume the extract.
  • Another way of consuming the bark is by taking it in powder form. Grind the bark when dried and turn it into fine powder. Once done, you can store it for some days. Take in little amount each day and boil it in water. Reduce around 2 glasses of water to half a glass. Filter the liquid and consume it regularly.

6. Amla

Amla is one of the common-most natural remedies for diabetics. It keeps blood sugar levels checked. Not just diabetes, amla is extremely beneficial for skin and hair.

It can be consumed in several forms and can also be stored for months in the form of murabba.

pile of indian gooseberry fruit with green leaves isolated on white background

However, before including amla in your diet with an already prescribed medication, consult with an expert physician. As, while consuming both, you might drop blood sugar levels lower than required.

You can consume amla in the following ways:

  • One of the common ways to eat amla is to have it fresh and unprocessed. It tastes bitter, but you can acquire the flavor with time.
  • Drinking amla juice is another efficient way of consuming amla.
  • The most delicious form of consuming amla is in the form of murabba. Amla murabba is a popular delicacy that people prepare at home.
  • Amla powder is another way of consuming it. Just take a spoonful and have it with water.


These Ayurvedic herbs are so powerful that they can help you in reversing diabetes pretty naturally.

These Magical herbs have all the properties and they are so much powerful that they provide kind of a permanent Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes.

Sugar Knocker is an Ayurvedic Diabetes Supplement that has all the goodness of Ayurveda and has all the herbs in required amount and definitely helps you in your quest to maintain normal blood sugar levels.


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