Causes, symptoms, treatment, ayurvedic remedies of dhat rog

Causes, symptoms, treatment, ayurvedic remedies of dhat rog

Dhat Syndrome or Dhat rog results from our misperceptions about normal sexual function. An ordinary sex nighttime dream can bring an individual to the Dhatu rog if they don’t comprehend their body’s function. It’s common to experience nightfall, especially if you’re young. However, cultural bond theories cause fear in men, making them believe that losing semen isn’t the right thing and that they’ll eventually deplete their energy and fertility.

Further, this mentality in a man is the primary reason for Dhat in males. Sometimes, medical issues can also cause a person to adopt this mindset, such as retrograde ejaculation and prostatitis that block semen’s flow and mixes the urine. However, proper dhat rog treatment can treat the Dhat rog problem effectively. If you encounter such complications, it is wise to consult a sexologist in Gurgaon to identify any underlying condition contributing to the Dhat Syndrome.

Let’s look into some other information relating to the Dhat rog.

Causes Of Dhat Rog

There can be many causes of Dhat Rog. So some of these include:

  • Suppose the testes are placed under the influence of excessive temperature, for instance, after bathing in warmer water. Sperm will begin taking off after a night of sleep, and the sperm count decreases.
  • This issue is likely to occur regardless of some thought or scene that influences sexual stimuli.
  • Dietary problems are an additional cause of this condition.
  • Sexually excessive masturbation and sex may also trigger spermatorrhea.
  • It can also be due to digestive system weakness and physical weakening.
  • Another possible cause could be Indian Toilets. The toilets are on the ground, and men have to squat. When the force is too much for bowel movements, the semen begins to come out. If the issue with semen is present for a long time, it could cause a significant problem.
  • A weakness in the nerve system
  • The urine is alkalosis and the Genital organs.
  • Insufficiency of sexual satisfaction.
  • A narrow (tight) urine exit path
  • Disorders of the rectal include fissures in the anal, piles, worms, and skin boil.
  • Overfilled bladder.
  • The use of medicines linked to testosterone rise
  • Stimulation triggered due to contact with a blanket or mattress.

Dhat Rog Symptoms

The Dhat Rog symptoms are as follows:

  • Dizziness
  • Mild weakening
  • Night sweating or chills
  • Semen releasing involuntarily.
  • Appetite loss
  • The burning and itching of the genital area
  • Abnormally fast heart rate
  • Severe back pain
  • Soft and warm skin
  • Perineum or testicles paining
  • Inattention and memory loss
  • Guilt
  • Sexual dysfunction

Dhat Rog Treatment

There are various ways of Dhat Rog treatment, and the treatment includes:

  • The first step is to be checked by a medical professional to determine if you have spermatorrhea.
  • Consume more food during the day and less at night.
  • Make sure you have a balanced diet.
  • It is vital to empty your bladder after the night’s sleep.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Keep your stomach clean.
  • Keep your genital area free of dirt to ensure that you don’t experience any burning or itching.
  • Make sure you get to bed early.
  • Be relaxed and participate in yoga or meditation.
  • Stop having sex that isn’t protected.

Further, continuously thinking about the loss of semen and other issues in life create tension and anxiety. Moreover, doctors have noticed these symptoms and have recommended antidepressants to treat Dhat syndrome medication for sufferers suffering from depressive symptoms.

Kegel Exercises

Another great option for treating the Dhat Syndrome is Kegel exercises.

Perform Kegel exercises for treating Dhat Rog. Kegel exercises work best when you understand the muscles you should relax and which ones to target. When you have to urinate, you’ll be able to identify your specific muscles.

A simple way for Kegels are:

  • Start contracting your pelvic muscles, and you can count 1-5 slowly.
  • Then release the muscle after you have counted from 1-to 5.
  • Repetition of this practice at least one time.
  • Do ten sets at least ten times per day.

Yoga helps relax all body parts and promotes regular blood flow and oxygen levels within the body. Moreover, yoga postures practiced throughout the day for between 30 and 40 minutes have helped eliminate dysfunctional ailments.

A regular counseling session is usually recommended in these cases and also medications for anxiety and depression. Moreover, patients must relax to help their bodily functions operate smoothly.

Dhat Problem & Management Using Ayurvedic Treatment

There are numerous Ayurvedic remedies available for the management of the Dhat problem. You can take this in powder by mixing it with milk or in the form of capsules.


Ashwagandha is an astringent Ayurvedic herb. It is a potent healer with many properties. Further, Ashwagandha plays a significant role in men’s sexual health since it may improve the health of muscles and enhance the quality of semen. It can also help with Dhat syndrome. After consulting with your doctor, you can use it in powder or capsule form.

Guduchi Root Powder

So, this is an Ayurvedic herb that imparts an unpleasant taste. It primarily treats digestion problems and helps treat sexual disorders like Erectile dysfunction and the number of sperm in your body.


Shatavari was originally for the treatment of the female reproductive system. However, it can also enhance the sperm level and help in the Dhat Rog treatment.


Gokshura assists in solving many issues, including the nervous system and the reproductive system for females and males. It helps relieve signs associated with Dhat syndrome and sperm deficiency for males. It can be taken as herbal powders and supplements or recommended by your physician.

Cowhage plant

Kapikacchu is an Ayurvedic herb with many healing properties. It can aid in issues with the reproductive system, such as infertility and impotence.


Shilajit a herb known for its capacity to boost sexual power. The capsules are loaded with herbs that enhance nutrients and minerals in a Bio-active form that can help eliminate deficiencies, thereby improving the performance of muscles and organs to combat fatigue.


So, this was all about the Dhat Rog and some Ayurvedic treatment and exercises. However, it is advisable to consult a gynecologist to look after your condition and use the safest medical approach and Ayurvedic treatment for Dhat Syndrome.

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