8 Apps that can keep you updated with the latest news on covid19

As and when the covid crisis began, the world went digital. And, of course, it was the need of the hour.

Heavy dependency on technology has been seen on various fronts in the world’s fight against the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic.

Almost everybody uses technology in some way or the other to defeat this “unknown enemy,” from governments, healthcare institutions, non-profits to private enterprises.

India, the world’s second-most populous nation, is no exception, with several mobile and healthcare apps developed by central & state governments and private players to respond to the pandemic, restrict cases, and support citizens.

In India and around the world, the growing number of coronavirus cases has become a key concern. Governments are scaling up efforts in all states to combat the crisis in every way possible.

Although the various parts of the country are already in lockdown and emergency aid lines have been enabled.

certain covid news apps have also been established by central and state governments to make people aware of the current scenario and to control the spread of new coronavirus

The Indian government officially released Aarogya Setu, its COVID-19 monitoring app, for Android and iOS users.

The Centre created the app for National Informatics. The goal of the covid news apps is to “increase efforts to “proactively” notify people of “best practices and relevant advice concerning COVID-19 containment.”

Other applications developed for coronavirus by the Union and the state governments are available. Several of these healthcare apps available on the Google Play Store and some more will be launched soon.

Some applications also allow you to self-diagnose the symptoms for which a small survey needs to be taken. This has also, however, increased security concerns among individuals.

List of the apps which help people to tide over the COVID-19 crises

  1. Aarogya Setu
  2. Whatsapp Chatbot
  3. Corona Kavach
  4. Test Yourself Goa
  5. Quarantine Monitor for COVID-19 – Tamil Nadu
  6. Quarantine Clock
  7. COVA Punjab
  8. Mahakavacha

1. Aarogya Setu 


Aside from cautioning clients if they come in the vicinity of somebody who has tried positive for Covid-19 and giving tips on preventive measures, the Aarogya Setu application, created by the Government of India, interfaces individuals with essential wellbeing administrations and provides the latest news on covid19.

The application was dispatched on April 2, and it depends principally on the spot information produced through GPS and Bluetooth to follow the spots where the client visited.

After cross-referring to this data with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) information on some instances, the application alarms a client if he/she has/is probably going to encounter a contaminated individual.

To find out about coronavirus infection cases using a GPS device and Bluetooth-features present in all smartphones, the government will use the Aarogya features to decide whether an individual lives close to a COVID-19 patient. There are 11 languages supported by the application.

2. Whatsapp Chatbot


The Prime Minister announced the launch of a WhatsApp chatbot so that all questions related to the coronavirus pandemic can be answered immediately and authentically by people.

All they need to do is drop a ‘Hi’ on the 919013151515 calls. To get answers to essential questions such as the deadly disease symptoms, the nearest COVID-19 testing center, one can also call the MyGov Corona Helpdesk.

The MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot is the official Government of India. In a conversational and easy-to-understand way, the chatbot provides a wide variety of information on the pandemic.

3. Corona Kavach

Union Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, developed another COVID-19 tracker application.

This application helps users to find infected users who have triggered the ‘Kavach’ function in real-time.

One of the critical features of the Corona Kavach is that the app provides users with ‘infected users’ real-time location whenever they activate the’ Kavach ‘function present on the app. This will allow users around their location to monitor infected individuals.

However, non-infected users can reveal their real-time location when doing this, thereby potentially revealing confidential information.

4. Test Yourself Goa

test yourself goa

This coronavirus news app was developed in partnership with Innovaccer by the Goa Ministry of Health to tackle the state’s coronavirus pandemic.

The official Test Yourself Goa app summary says that coronavirus symptoms can be self-diagnosed by users here.

A survey has six fundamental questions that can be answered, either ‘yes’ or no.’ The problems are specifically linked to users’ travel history and current symptoms such as cough, breathlessness, etc. The app further notifies users whether or not they have coronavirus symptoms based on the responses.

5. Quarantine Monitor for COVID-19 – Tamil Nadu 

The State Government partnered with Pixxon Ai Solutions to create the COVID-19 Quarantine Monitor software to ensure that people in Tamil Nadu under home quarantine do not breach official guidelines. Users need to log in with a mobile number registered with Tamil Nadu to use the app.

6. Quarantine Clock 

Like the coronavirus news app Quarantine Monitor app from the Tamil Nadu government, Quarantine Watch, as the name implies, aims to monitor all people in Karnataka who are under home quarantine.

7. COVA Punjab


It is a Punjab government-developed coronavirus -tracker software. The app is listed on Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Users have to log in with their mobile number to use the app, which does not need to be registered in Punjab. Users will access the dashboard containing state reports of real-time coronavirus events.

The app includes many other functions, such as information on preventive treatment and other government recommendations. Users may also apply for curfew passes through the

8. Mahakavacha


Mahakavach is the government’s software for Maharashtra to resolve the state’s coronavirus pandemic.

In response to Gadgets 360, the app’s developers said that Mahakavach aims to enhance two critical processes that are central to fighting the virus. “contact tracing” and “quarantine tracking.” include these.

Similarly, other states like Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh have also reportedly launched their apps to tackle the disease and monitor citizens under quarantine.

Meanwhile, a Cowin-20 mobile app is reportedly being established by the central government, which will provide information on coronavirus-affected locations across the world.

More details on the pandemic are said to be included in the app and will finally be available in both Google and Apple app stores.


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