How much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile Health and Fitness Workout Application?

How much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile Health and Fitness Workout Application?


After the world faces the corona crisis everybody is aware of their fitness and immunity now. Every person wants to stay healthy and fit to make their body fight any diseases.

But loads of people make resolutions for the new year to start jogging, yoga, etc. but from the next day, they won’t do it.

If you are also one of them then you don’t need to worry about that because the mobile app has the solution to this problem.

Almost the whole world is now using mobile and the industry of mobile is now flourishing day by day.

Every person in the world is paying out an average of 10 hours on their mobile phones, which is an ascendancy for smartphone app development companies.

Mobile Development companies have converted the whole lot by approaching with amazing plans about how to develop a fitness workout application.

Today mobile health and fitness workout application has become an outstanding source of income.

Here, we are going to tell you how much it costs to develop a mobile health and fitness workout application. So, let’s have a look further!

Strategy to Develop a Fitness Workout App

We need to plan a good strategy to create a fitness workout app. Therefore, examine how to develop a fitness workout app for nominal value, you have to follow the following points-

1. Advertising

For making a fitness workout app you need the promotion of the app to make it popular among the people and the advertising requires money.

2. Application type

There are a lot of types of mobile health and fitness workout apps, you just have to choose one of the apps you are liking.

3. Choosing fitness app development companies

We have to choose the fitness app development companies wisely as they are on a budget and we can hire skilled developers also.

Types of Fitness Apps

Generally, there are 3 types of apps and the difference between them is the process of working and storing. These apps are: –

  • Workout and exercise apps
  • Activity tracking apps
  • Nutrition apps

Let us read all of the apps in detail below: –

1. Workout and Exercise Apps

Workout apps are the widest group on our list. Its name itself says the thing that it is related to workout.

The purpose of this fitness app is to present users with what exercises to do and explains to them how to do it and in which manner.

Workout apps are divided into 3 different groups: –

  • Personal Trainer Apps – This app is based on the complexity the user is using. The main purpose of this app is that the exercise they do is complex to every user. Normally, a personal trainer at the gym ensures that people do workouts accordingly. The benefit of these applications is that users are not required to pay for the gym anymore – 3D models, videos, detailed descriptions, audio tips, text description describes how to accomplish each workout.
  • Logbook Apps – These types of apps are most moderate. It stores information about the workout’s users have performed. At hand collection with exercises and a broad possibility of workout routines are accessible for the users.
  • Fitness Tracker Apps – This is a type of fitness band that the users wear while doing the workout. It is connected to smartphones The data that the band collects immediately transfers that to the user’s smartphones.

2. Activity Tracking App

Activity tracking apps are satisfactory for people who do not proceed to the gym but yet desire to assure they move sufficiently.

These apps count the number of calories burned in a day and the number of steps the user walked. For people who are looking for their fitness and health then this app is very good for them.

3. Nutrition Apps

If you don’t have a good diet then the workout you have done is useless. A proper diet is very important for people to stay healthy. This app helps users to have control over their meals and follow a proper diet.

The main focus of the apps is to set personal goals. The user controls his water schedule by how much water he should drink in a day, counts the calories burned in a day, makes up the menu of food for today, and so on.

Features of Fitness Workout Apps

  1. Creating Account – The user needs to create his profile by adding his age, gender, height, weight, etc. to store the information in the app. This data helps to analyze how the body structure of the user is.
  2. Diet Features – This feature helps to control the diet of the user as it maintains the track record of the amount of food the user is eating and the amount of water consumption. It sets a schedule from time to time.
  3. Setting Targets – All fitness workout apps help users to set the targets. Workout apps need to target your workouts, activity tracking apps need to target the number of steps you have taken in a day. And for the diet apps, target the number of calories burned in a day. With the help of this, the user stays motivated about their workouts.
  4. Activity Tracking – Activities such as swimming, cycling, jogging, walking, etc. are tracked in these apps. These apps have sensors that can track our activities.
  5. Game Elements – If you want to attract the user to download your application then you need to make it attractive. Games are the best way to attract the user and to receive the desired goals. Gamification is used for the entertainment purpose of the users.

What are the steps to make a fitness workout app?

It would be hard to estimate the total cost of making a fitness app. Its cost depends on the features we want in our app.

1. The fitness app idea

The idea of a fitness app is a very good imagination. The price of this app should be within the budget. We have a plan according to that only.

2. Self-dependent market research

The next step is to search your target audience, know your competitors, what’s your user expecting from you, etc.

If you don’t have the budget to hire developers then you keep in mind the above points and you can make your own app.

3. The list of requirements

You have to list your requirements and the results you want in the future. By this, you can plan the next proceedings you have to do to get the targeted result.

4. Hiring the fitness app developers

In this step, you need to hire an expert or a developer to develop your fitness app according to your needs.

Make sure they are not charging too much money for this work and they are well experienced also.

While creating the app developers must take care of the following points that- your app must support all the devices, make sure experts you have hired are skilled and experienced who can build the app working on both the mobile as well as the website platform. You have to take care of your budget that you are not spending lots of money making an app.

5. Promotion

The best way to do promotion is to advertise the app on social media among your friends and relatives and tell them to share also.

Your goal is to attract maximum users to use your app. If you fail to invite people to use your application then your investment is worthless.

6. Design of a fitness workout application

The most important thing in building a mobile application is what is the design of it? If the users don’t like the look of the app, they started uninstalling it because many competitors in the market can compete with our app.

You should plan an eye-catchy design of your app. Your app should be mobile friendly also as nowadays the trend of smartphones is more as compared to the PC.

People spend a lot of time on their smartphones. The android design takes 60-70% of the time required for iOS design.

7. Specific examples of app, problems, and solution to them

You should in point of fact gain from the experience of keeping fortunate apps when making your app conscious of the fact that each project should have its things and think about all the blunders that brilliant creators have made if you want to be evident amid the alike ones.

8. Standard tasks of a fitness workout app

There are some tasks that a fitness workout app has to perform. Those are: –

  • Heart condition is the most important thing in our body which needs to perform perfectly. It calculates our heart rates.
  • The calculation of calories burned in the workout is also performed by this app.
  • Feedback for any app is very important for further updating in the app. So, for this, we can use LinkedIn to get the feedback of the users.
  • Counting steps, workout time, distance covered to develop a training program for each user.

9. Technology stack for Fitness app

  • For additional features such as in-app chat Hipchat, for customer support, for project management Confluence, and issue tracking JIRA.
  • Cloud hosting by IBM SoftLayer.
  • Programming languages such as C++, Java, HTML5, Javascript.
  • Runscope for debugging & testing and Fastly for the content delivery network.
  • Android SDK and the Spring Framework.
  • Pingdom for Website monitoring, PagerDuty for monitoring aggregation, and performance monitoring New Relic.

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand Fitness app?

Certain parameters play their role when it comes to deciding the final cost of your app. Let’s discuss those parameters.

1. The location of the development company

Depending upon the geographic location of the company that will develop your app will affect the final cost.

To understand this better let’s take an example, if you hire a development company from developed countries such as the USA or UK then the average developing cost will be anywhere around $200 per hour.

Whereas the developing cost of an app will be around $50 per hour if you hire a developer from developing countries such as India.

2. The total number of features and panels

Depending upon the total number of features and interface panel, the final cost will vary. In a fitness app, the total number of panels will be 2 to 3 (for the user, for admin, and the trainer). The more features and panels your application has, the costlier it will be.

3. The complexity of the app’s UI & UX

When it comes to user experience, the UI & UX of any app affects way more than you can anticipate.

Unless your application has a better user interface users will not be coming back to your platform.

The better your UI & UX is the more complex it will be to design as well as the more complex it will be the costlier will be the design cost.

4. The total number of supporting platform

Android makes up to 70% of the total smartphone market so when it comes to selecting a platform developing your app for Android goes without saying.

However, iOS also has around 25% of the market share which means you cannot ignore them.

Depending upon the total number of the platform you want your application to support will also affect the final development time & cost of your Fitness app.

The average design and development cost of your application will be anywhere around $5,000 to $50,000 depending upon the requirements and expectations you might have with your application.

Looking for a development company

Developing a fitness app requires in-depth knowledge of the field. If there are any mistakes during the development then it can do some serious damages.

This is why fitness app development companies offering developers and designers who have successfully created Fitness apps before.

This means only the experienced ones are going to work on your app. You can trust us regarding the total development process of your app.

However, you are going to be in control of the whole development process. In addition to this, development rates are very reasonable when compared to the quality of the services  provide and the industry average development rates.


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