How to Look More Attractive -10 Instant Clothing Hacks

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clothing hacks

There are those times when you have to get ready quickly, and still look as stylish as possible. 

In such cases, you obviously can’t prepare completely new outfits and take your time to put together the right pieces for an excellent look.

Instead, you need to make do with what you have, and make it work. A few shirts, accessories, and a decent pair of khakis can really help you create an excellent outfit for best clothing hacks, so make sure you have these staples.  

This approach is also in line with responsible consumerism. Basically, you should get a few high-quality items instead of constantly getting low-quality fast fashion pieces.

Once you have a timeless wardrobe, you just need to mix and match a few pieces to create a truly stylish outfit.

Therefore, your clothing hacks begin with your buying decisions. Make sure you have a few statement pieces, along with a set of staple pieces, so that you can put together outstanding outfits effortlessly. Here are a few other hacks you should follow for this purpose.  

Top Instant Clothing Hacks

  1. Iron Your Clothes
  2. Match Your Belt to Your Shoes
  3. Wear a V-Neck Undershirt
  4. Get Properly Fitted Clothes
  5. Throw on a Jacket
  6. Get a Pair of Sunglasses
  7. Wear Complementary Colors
  8. Trim Your Facial Hair
  9. Wear Tapered Pants

1. Iron Your Clothes 

iron your clothes

This should go without saying. Do not step out of the house in unironed clothes. Even if you’re wearing a well-fitted shirt from one of the top brands out there, it won’t look good if it’s wrinkly or is crumpled.

It’s not that hard to iron a few clothes and keep them on hangers in your wardrobe or on a makeshift clothes rack, if you don’t have the closet space.  

2. Match Your Belt to Your Shoes 

Match Your Belt to Your Shoes 

This instantly adds a bit of polish to your whole outfit. If you’re wearing brown shoes, wear a brown belt, and so on.

So, make sure you have belts which match your shoes at hand, and wear them together to make your outfit look effortlessly planned.  

3. Wear a V-Neck Undershirt 

Wear a V Neck Undershirt

If your vest’s round neck pokes out from under your shirt, then your whole outfit can look a bit scruffy.

It can be quite tedious to keep tucking your undershirt in tightly to prevent this, but there is a much easier and elegant solution. 

Wear V-neck undershirts, as they won’t poke out through your shirt collars. Get these in soft fabrics which won’t show too prominently under your clothes, and you’re all set! 

4. Get Properly Fitted Clothes 

Get Properly Fitted Clothes

Fitting is a key aspect of any outfit. If you wear clothes which are too loose or too tight, you automatically downgrade your whole look.

Make the right choice when buying your clothes and get the right fits for your size and body type.

It’s also a good idea to have a tailor on call for alterations. You’d be surprised how effective this will be for your fashion sense.  

5. Throw on a Jacket 

Throw on a Jacket 

A simple jacket or coat can really make your outfit look more elegant. Consider the occasion, and then choose the appropriate outerwear.

A peacoat or overcoat can really uplift your street style, while a nice blazer will make your semi-formal outfits stand out.

Keep a few well-made jackets in your wardrobe, and throw one on when you’re heading out.  

6. Get a Pair of Sunglasses 

Get a Pair of Sunglasses

In the summers, a good pair of sunglasses adds a whole other vibe to your outfits. Therefore, take your time when buying the right sunglasses for you, and make them work with your clothes.

These are especially useful for streetwear, and also make you look more elegant and mysterious.

Carefully consider your face shape and your general vibe when picking the right sunglasses for you, and choose accordingly. Just getting what is ‘in’ won’t really work, so do your research.  

7. Wear Complementary Colors 

Wear Complementary Colors 

An easy way to make your outfits work universally is wearing complementary colors. Do not wear pieces which clash or contrast too much.

Instead, take a look at the standard color wheel and pick complementary colors so that you can easily put your outfits together.

It’s a good idea to have a copy of top color combinations pasted up in your wardrobe door or mirror, and choose your clothes accordingly.  

8. Trim Your Facial Hair 

Trim Your Facial Hair 

If your facial hair is scruffy, not even the best of outfits can help you look good. So, keep a trimmer in your bathroom cabinet and fix up your beard before heading out.

Make sure you have a professional shape it up once in a while, so you only have to trim it regularly without disrupting the shape.  

Why do you think people go all out over celebrities like Henry Cavill? These celebrities make their outfits look laid-back and effortless, even if they are wearing high-quality outfits from the top brands.

Case in point, a rolled set of sleeves can really make you look good and show off your toned forearms.  

9. Wear Tapered Pants 

Wear Tapered Pants 

Stay away from flared pants, please. Instead, go for leaner fits, preferably tapered ones. These look much more polished than simple straight pants.

So, whether you’re wearing jeans, khakis, or even athleisure, make sure the leg is subtly tapered for a touch of elegance.  

To sum up, these clothing hacks can really help make your fashion sense stand out. If you follow them, you’ll look more elegant, put-together and stylish.   

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