Best Restaurants In Hong Kong

Best Restaurants In Hong Kong


Hong Kong has, and consistently will be, a significant weakness for Japanese food. A while ago when we could, a large number of us would fly for food and search out the absolute best in Japan. From sushi to teppanyaki, yakitori, yakiniku and that’s just the beginning, the choices for Japanese food in Hong Kong are unquestionably huge and differed. Also, since we can’t make a trip to Japan as effectively as we used to, here you can experience Japan here. For more recommendations, visit whatisss.


Sushi bunny

In the same way as other omakase cafés in Hong Kong, Sushi Hare is famously challenging to book, however justifiably. The eatery, run by ace sushi cook Motoharu Inazuka, offers Edoma-style of sushi omakase that incorporates little bits of brightness to upgrade the regular kind of the fixings. Sherry (sushi rice) is magnificently adjusted and matches especially well with occasional fish and fish.


Wa-n cappo

Situated on the 29th floor of Connaught Marina in Sheung Wan, Wa-Ann Kappo offers shocking perspectives on Victoria Harbor from a personal lounge area. The Japanese eatery centers around Kappo food, so it’s something other than sushi and sashimi here. Think neighborhood chicken and soybean milk soup presented with a fresh beancurd sheet – equivalent to the ones you appreciate in Chinese hotpots – as well as the tempura triplet including fish throat with mitsuba leaf from there, the sky is the limit. Also, check out what is hibachi food.



A free endeavor run by Japanese culinary expert Shun Sato previously of Fukuro, Sensu has been impacted by the customary izakaya-style cooking of Sato’s dad, yet Sensu itself isn’t an izakaya and with dishes more food-engaged and fragile. Offers perfectly modern menus, for example, Potato Salad on Egg Confit and the bound-to-be-well known Unigiri comprising of a toasted onigiri with new ocean imps served in abalone dashi.



Named after a mountain in Kanagawa, Japan, Afuri (a ramen shop from Tokyo that opened in Hong Kong) is a well known noodle bar, where benefactors joyfully line for bowls of yuzu shio ramen. It’s the most well known thing on the menu and on the off chance that you’ve attempted it, you’ll definitely know why. Delicate and fun hand crafted wheat noodles are sautéed in a seriously enhanced chicken stock, lit up by the citrus flavor and fragrance of yuzu. The smell alone will ship you to the core of Tokyo’s Ebisu, where the primary Afuri shop was opened.



Imported from Tokyo, Toritama is a yakitori joint that offers a few truly Japanese flavors. Tsukun, which is chicken meatball sticks, is ready as truly outstanding in Hong Kong and their broad menu offers a few less popular chicken cuts, for example, Achilles ligament, knee cartilage, lower leg muscle, throat and the sky is the limit from there. does. They additionally offer a broad rundown of purpose to give it a careful wash.


Sushi hisayoshi

Run by culinary expert proprietor Hisayoshi Iwa (of Ginza Iwa in Tokyo) and his disciple, Chef Tsukasa Kaneko, Sushi Hisayoshi is a conventional Edomai-style omakase eatery that serves new, occasional fish and the greatest produce. It is situated inside Harbor City in Tsim Sha Tsui and the menu highlights other mark dishes including matured fish, tamago shape, abalone and ankimo (monkfish liver).


Crown Super Deluxe

This 60s Tokyo-enlivened teppanyaki has three teppanyaki seating so you can partake in a demonstration of culinary specialists handily preparing your food. Wearing rich purple and gold ocher goods, the eatery is luxurious and offers a menu loaded up with top-quality meat and fish. There are la carte choices, however it merits considering the set menu as the Teppen Spiny Lobster and A5 Kagoshima Wagyu Tenderloin in Coral Butter is an unquestionable necessity.


Zagin soba

Tsukemen are typically known for their pork, fish, or even meat based stock, yet in zagin soba, chicken is the situation. Presenting apparently the best chicken-based stock around, the eatery has a short and refined menu that will hold your deicidophobia under control. Taste is guaranteed, yet the stock is additionally light and smooth simultaneously, which makes it reviving from your typical tsukemen who will quite often be on the heavier side of things.



A culinary jungle gym for gourmet specialist Matt Abergel (of Yardbird acclaim) for spreading his Japanese cooking strategies, Ronin is an izakaya-style feasting bar with an emphasis principally on fish and fish. Features incorporate bloom crab and Kagoshima meat sukiyaki. The café staff profoundly urges wine backups to the dishes, which incorporate everything from purpose to distinctive spirits and their 100-in number assortment of Japanese bourbons.


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