Best real money games in India

Best real money games in India

In this modern era Gaming has been a worldwide marvel, rehearsed legitimately. Moreover, with easy access to the internet, the gaming industry got a huge boost.

In fact, one can’t deny the fact that in the coming ten years gaming will be one of the many talents that will be taught to individuals.

Though there is no age limit in this sector, the age group which usually gets attracted to it is teenagers.

Several organizations have started investing in this sector and the upgraded technology has pulled enormous excess to the business.

Research has also proven the fact that mobile gaming has the quality to increase focus, attention, and concentration.

It can also release stress, thereby enabling you to regain energy after a tiresome day. Now if one asks you the question about what is online real money gaming? The answer is very uncomplicated.

Here any individual regardless of their age can play their favorite game and can win real cash prizes.

The only thing needed here is effort. With the use of one’s proper aptitude and skills, huge amounts of cash prizes can be won here. 

Nowadays, there are several apps in the app store that you can use to earn real money by playing games and doing small tasks like taking photos, posting ads on social media, and more.

This article will list the top Best real money games in India to make real money in India. Do try these out!

What is real money gaming? 

In this stressful life, people always find entertainment. But the only difference here is that nowadays people do not confine themselves to only watching T.V and reading books, the majority of the population loves to play games.

According to a survey it has been pointed out that those people who love to play games consider it as their way of releasing stress.

Online real money gaming has given the opportunity to all people to enjoy playing games in their comfort places and win a lot of money.

Online games like online poker, fruit ninja, ludo, carrom, and fantasy have attracted several non-gamers towards them.

Before playing real money games one must gather full knowledge of it. Practicing the game over time can make you an expert at it.

So start learning from the professionals and download the gaming app and start winning money by playing games 

How can you play real money games? 

Nowadays there have been several applications through which you can play and participate in real money games.

Games like online poker, fantasy, and carrom require skills and aptitude to excel. The most important factor you must take into account while choosing games is familiarity.

The game which you have chosen must be familiar to you. Before starting any game one must follow the professionals i.e how they are approaching the game, check the legalities, prepare strategies, etc.

real money ganmes 

The next step is practice. The professionals who are winning a huge amount of money are highly skilled in that game and have spent time on it.

So you must understand the concept of the game and practice it, again and again, to be at that level.

Several applications like Winzo, MPL, and GMNG provide excellent platforms and online gaming experiences to their users.

All the applications mentioned above primarily aim for user safety and smooth withdrawal of money.

So if you are joining the real money games industry you should look no further than these applications.

Best real money games in India 

There are several applications where you can play real money games but the best real money games are as mentioned below – 

  1. MPL
  2. Rush
  3. GMNG Pro
  4. Winzo
  5. Big cash

1. MPL 

MPL brings you the latest updates and happenings from the world of cricket and football altogether. MPL is famous for fantasy.

It is generally played by die-hard sports lovers MPL is a very simple and straightforward app where the user gets to participate, compete, and win just by registering their mobile numbers.


Once the results are announced for a tournament, winners can cash out immediately with different payment apps.

MPL also offers a seamless gaming experience and several contests where players can battle 1v1.

2. Rush 

Real money games on rush are pretty much easy to access. According to the rush website. Games are easier and unique in a rush because of the following – Rush gaming universe is solely built for India and is thus made for smartphones; There are no bots in rush.

rush game

All the real players battle with each other to claim the prizes; rush offers an excellent support system to its customers; rush also offers bite-size gameplay and thus saves time for its users.

Another most important feature of rush is that it has the Rush VIP option which enables you to earn more, and better withdrawal offers. 

3. GMNG Pro

Among India’s best money-earning apps, this is an interesting app that has both esports tournaments and real money games.

The app gives you the shortest format games with concepts like Mini-ludo, the quickest and the most fun Ludo game we had played.

Here you will find all kinds of games from- Fantasy, Ludo, and 10+ other real money games. The best part was the instant withdrawal plus ease of use.

gaming pro

GMNG application in Indian real money platforms. GMNG application came up with and unique idea and combination of causal games with esports.

You can get various tournaments to use bonus amounts to join these contests. GMNG app provides world-class competitive tournaments and championships for their community.

In the last year, people love this application and earn money. Over the GMNG platform, you can play various games like Ludo, Trivia, Mini Carrom, and Guns & Bottle in casual games.

Apart from casual games in esports, they offer BGMI, FF, CODM, Pokemon, and many more.

By using the GMNG as a referral code you can get a 10 bonus. The bonus amount can be used to join the contest and in the contest, you can make real money. 

4. Winzo 

Winzo is now one of the best real money gaming applications which gives its users innumerable deals every day.

Games like rummy, ludo, poker, carrom, solitaire, connect 4 and many more are there which the users can enjoy and participate in.

Moreover, if you download Winzo and share it with your friends you can get up to Rs. 550. Withdrawal is very easy in this app.


People from all over the nation have won huge amounts daily. All over the year, several offers related to the games are given by winzo which can be easily enjoyed by an active user like getting Rs. 55o signup cash-free, Get Rs. 50 signup cash-free, Play ludo and win rewards and many more.

In case of any technical error, Winzo management refunds the player’s contribution after reviewing the complaint.

5. Big cash 

Big cash is one of the well-known growing gaming companies in India. It is a 100% legal platform which means you can fully trust this application.

Over 2 million active users play games in Big cash games to date. The best part is that you can earn a good amount of money through their referral system as they pay Rs. 20 for each referral.

big cash

It is one of the best applications if you want to convert your free time into money. There are approximately 15 games in this app like Cricket, Fruit chop, Bulb Smash, Basketball, ice blaster, and many more.

With big cash, you can participate in various contests and tournaments and can earn huge deals every day.

Money withdrawals here too are very simple and instant. No complaints about money transfers have been found to date.

Some features which make it different from others are – a referral bonus of up to Rs. 1000 and you can get 25% of your friends winning, No ads, No need to verify KYC, and last but not least the quick customer service.

Is real money gaming legal in India? 

There have been innumerable controversies regarding the legality of real money gaming. After many rounds of court, it was decided by the government of India that real money gaming has legality to a certain extent.

The aspect of real money gaming lies in its entertainment part. Problems occur when some individuals make it an addiction.

Real money game sites do not encourage any addiction to their game, rather their main aim is to make people release their stress and get entertained.

Previously people forgot to differentiate between gambling and skill-based games and often considered real money gaming as gambling.

But with time mindset has changed and people now consider real money gaming as an indoor game and a way of having fun.


Here we explain various platforms for real money. It’s easy to get these apps from websites. You can use referral codes to claim your bonus amount. Widhwarals are easy and fastest in real money apps. 

In recent years, both gambling and gaming are increasingly going the ‘online’ or ‘digital’ route and are also converging with each other in many ways.

But, there’s a major dilemma associated with the growing ‘spillover effects in the gaming and gambling arenas.

People are not able to differentiate skill-based online gaming from gambling. And hence, they have started using the two terms interchangeably gaming and gambling which is quite problematic!

It is unfortunate to note that even many industry pundits are nowadays saying that even all types of real money-based games should be outrightly banned, just because these have some similarities with online gambling!

Now the mindset of people is changing day by day and people now have learned to enjoy the real money games properly and not make it an ADDICTION!!!!!!