5 Advantages of Story Highlights for Businesses on Instagram

5 Advantages of Story Highlights for Businesses on Instagram


One of the most influential social media platforms today is Instagram. It is enjoyed not only for personal uses but also for business purposes. 

With more than a billion users each month, Instagram is indeed an effective media for entrepreneurs to open their ventures, to widen their target audience reach and to enhance their services.

Not to mention, the way it is being updated and improved makes people love using Instagram more and more, that this social media sphere has not lost its relevance, rather it is upgrading.

An impressive move made by Instagram is allowing its users to share content that is available for public or follower viewership within 24 hours only.

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They are called “Instagram Stories” which enables all members of the Instagram community to post what they want to be temporarily seen by others.

Users can mention other IG accounts and can react and reply to others’ as well. It’s like they really are telling short day-to-day stories using the Instagram Stories. 

What’s more, Instagram eventually developed “Story Highlights”. These are the circles found under the profile’s bio.

When clicked, they will show the stories previously shared by their owners and now “pinned” in the middle of their profiles. 

People who use Instagram as their personal blog take pleasure in Story Highlights as they can post as much as they want without having them all shown in their main feed.

Similarly, for businesses on Instagram, Story Highlights offer great help! They reap awesome benefits through its convenience. What are these advantages? Keep reading while taking notes!

Advantages of Story Highlights for Businesses on Instagram

1. Highlights Show Your Important Details

As its name implies, Story Highlights are used to show what you want to highlight in your business account.

Consider them as special rooms where the specific details and message you would like to magnify and convey THE MOST are found.

From your past IG stories, which do you want to emphasize? Which of them do you want your regulars to always remember?

Without needing to wait for your reply, which of them can answer their queries in an instant? Add them to your Story Highlights. 

When visitors come to your business profile and check the Story Highlights out, they will immediately see the most important details you want and need to share with them.

Often, they include Frequently Asked Questions such as products, rates and packages you offer, business schedules you operate, ordering and shipping details when needed, and locations you serve within.

Of course, the content of your Story Highlights depend on what your business is about and what you must communicate to clients.

While some customers can patiently spend a lot of time within Instagram shops, many are also easily irritated if getting answers to their basic inquiries takes more than a minute or two.

Through the help of Story Highlights, guests will not need to scroll up and down your feed while looking for the simple answers to their simple questions such as the ones mentioned above.

They just have to click on your Story Highlights labelled accordingly, and in no time, they will get the information they need!

2. They Conveniently Organize Your Story Content  

One of the head-aching aspects about handling an Instagram account for your business is organizing content.

It might seem simple at first or for some people, but it’s not, most especially because you cannot change dates of posts (like Facebook allows).

That means all your posts appear in your feed in the order of uploading them — showing the most recent first.

Story Highlights lend a helping hand in properly and conveniently arranging your business posts.

You may endlessly re-post stories as you please without thinking you might ruin your own business feed.

This involves another benefit of Instagram stories: Comfortably uploading a lot of posts as stories without worrying that you might be bombarding people’s feeds too much.

3. They Are Quick And Easy to View 

In this day and age when technology seems to have spoiled people, making them more impatient when it comes to looking around online stores because they want ‘quick and easy’ all the time, Instagram Story Highlights are a gift. 

They are exactly what “quick and easy” means. Viewers just need to tap or click on the Story Highlights, and in an instant, they can see what’s inside!

A single finger movement on the screen, and the Story Highlights take profile visitors to their destinations. Effortless and hassle-free for real!

4. Story Highlights Can be Customized

Instagram is definitely an exhibit of vast artistic presentations in the form of photos and videos.

Using Story Highlights is a practical and creative way to market your enterprise because they are not just convenient but also highly customizable! 

First, you may name each Highlight icon as you please. The names can be in words, in emojis or both. Second, you may change the cover image for each icon.

In that way, you can choose diversity or uniformity. Third and last, you manually add the particular stories you need in every Highlight.

Truly, this feature gives businesses the freedom to express their own personality and color which leaves their wanted impression to their clients and prospect customers.

5. No More 24 hour Viewing Limit For Stories, They can be Permanent

It has been mentioned earlier, but again, Story Highlights is the tool to use if you want to eliminate the 24-hour viewing limit for some of your stories.

They can remain permanently on your business profile. Instagram Story Highlights are the friendliest way to interact with guests even when you are away from the keyboard.

Instagram Story Highlights

If your business is on Instagram, you are headed to a great end. Instagram in the first place makes communications and interactions between business owners and prospect customers easier. It’s like a stress-free compilation that favors both parties too. 

Just keep in mind though that when you have a business account on Instagram, you have to be careful of possible cyber attacks.

Many businesses get hacked and victimized, especially if they have a big number of followers, a good reputation and a nice profit.

Mishaps like these lead to businesses failing or shutting down. The business insurance called cyber insurance can help secure your business from these attacks and their damaging effects.

Again, do not waste the advantages that  Instagram Story Highlights freely give to businesses!

Visitors love it when you already present to them the hottest deals and the most essential details they are searching for, and Highlights do precisely that! 

Wisely use Instagram for your business, and you will absolutely get to add more success stories to your Instagram Story Highlights!


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