5 Methods to Host a Virtual Event for Your Company

5 Methods to Host a Virtual Event for Your Company

Are you looking for new virtual events ideas to connect your community? We’ve got you covered.

With virtual events growing in popularity there are endless Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia opportunities with a myriad of platforms to pick from whether it’s a daily Instagram Live stream or the one-time private Zoom chat.

We’ll talk about five virtual events ideas and how you can make use of these to build relationships to your community and boost participation:

Table of Contents

  • The Reasons to Host an Event Virtual Event
  • Instagram Live
  • Zoom Chats
  • Facebook Live
  • Facebook Messenger Rooms
  • LinkedIn Live

The Reasons to Host an Event Virtual Event

The year 2020 is when virtual gatherings will be the future. While we may not be able together IRL at the moment, but you’ll be able to stay connected to your community but in a different way.

How do you get onto this trend?

Begin by brainstorming ideas for virtual events and your objectives. Are you seeking to inform your guests? Are you looking to host Q&A sessions? or Promote your latest product?

After you’ve decided on your mission then you can begin planning the launch. As physical locations aren’t the issue with virtual event, they offer you the chance to bring people in your community together from all over the world.

One thing to take into consideration is Time zones. If half your audience are in EST while the other is in PST It could be difficult to connect everyone simultaneously.

With a little time-zone jenga, and the advantages of recording screen-based and saving the recording, you’ll be able accommodate the entire population. Make sure to inform your guests that recordings will be made available after the event.

A further benefit? It’s cost-efficient. When you plan a virtual party it is possible to restrict (or exempt) your budget for venue rentals as well as foodstuffs, decoration and much more.

Additionally, tickets are likely to be less expensive (or maybe even completely free) for those who attend — which is a major selling aspect!

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Virtual Event Tips #1: Host regular Instagram Live Sessions

Instagram Live has grown into a popular destination for both businesses and brands. It’s a fantastic opportunity to interact with your followers and the options for virtual events are limitless.

When you use Instagram Live, there’s no option to record segments beforehand. Everything is recorded live and on the moment.

Although it might sound frightening it’s actually a platform that can be used to host a variety of virtual occasions. Let’s look at them.

Instagram Live Questions and Answers

Instagram Livestreams are an excellent occasion to host an interactive Q&A session with people your audience might like to hear from. It is possible to solicit questions from your followers before the event and then allow them to be addressed in the stream.

Take Well+Good’s brand new Glowing Live Latham show. They have teamed up with doulas and author Latham Thomas to host a program where she talks to a variety of people from the wellness field that are working towards bringing about changes.

The series is not only ideal for Well+Good’s community health-conscious people, but it also creates regular, consistent information that the audience has be used to.

You can also share the posts in the lead up to the live event to create excitement and provide additional details including announcements about who will be the guest.

TIP: Rememberthat quality is more important than quantity. In the event that you do not have enough bandwidth to produce a weekly series but that’s fine! It could be every month or every quarter insofar as you keep it consistent and make sure to promote it.

Instagram Live: Concerts & Fun Battles

Even if we’re unable to come together to listen to the music live doesn’t mean that you cannot share the same joy on the internet!

If it’s appropriate for your company, why don’t you stage a live show or fight with your followers on Instagram Live?

Verzuz TV rose to prominence in the COVID-19 quarantine and brings together well-known singers, producers or songwriters in a battle and determine who has the best catalogue. The contests are so well-known that they get millions of viewers.

The reason it works? It gives fans the opportunity to see an epic battle between their most loved artists, chat with each other in chats, or sing along from home and wait for the next event.

In the same way, a restaurant could “pit” two cooks and hold the ultimate cook-off contest by challenging the chefs to cook a dish with similar ingredients.

The viewers would be enticed to view and choose their preferred on the comment section. Who knows? They might even create an entirely new item for the menu that’s in the process of being developed. It’s an opportunity for everyone.

A friendly competition is a great way to let your followers feel connected and elevates a basic Instagram Live to the next level.

Instagram Live How-to’s & Demos

Get your group together and lead them through a tutorial or tutorial using Instagram Live.

It could include anything from tutorial on makeup to an explanation of how to bake the perfect sugar cookie The possibilities are limitless.

The Cheese Plate does an incredible job of capturing their viewers via Instagram Live with their series, “That Happy Hour.”

In the show the hosts invite guests to talk and cook an amazing platter of meats, cheeses, and fruits.

In order to engage the followers of their brand, they announce the ingredients in advance so that the community can follow their progress from their home kitchens.

A tutorial on Instagram Live adds an extra level of communication between you and your viewers since they’re able to connect with the name of your company and gain knowledge in the process.

Virtual Event Idea #2: Host a private Zoom Chat

As a pioneer in video conference, Zoom offers businesses the capability to host all types of virtual events such as demonstrations, webinars, classes, Q&As, classes and much many more.

In addition, due to the option to set an access code to the conference, you are able to manage the call easily and ensure that it remains private.

Wellness-related company, The Villij frequently hosts “Villij Talks” in which they talk to health professionals, nutritionists, and many more on Zoom.

They utilize Instagram to advertise the chat, to encourage their followers to RSVP and also include pertinent details such as the date and time.

After the event, they post an update in their Instagram feed for people who missed the event. It’s not just an innovative way to reuse material from events however, it also includes the carousel feature which allows it to be shared widelygrowing engagement and reach

Another method to create an exclusive event through Zoom is to allow an exclusive number of guests such as skin expert Chanel Tyler.

Chanel’s “Skinformation Class,”” an hour-long skincare and routinely-planned educational class is a modest and intimate virtual experienceonly available to 30 people.

The smaller class size allows for more intimate connections and discussions with her audience As the popularity grows, she will be able to organize a variety of smaller virtual events throughout the month.

TIP: Start small and take a pulse of the interest of your community in the event. If tickets are sold out and you’re sure you’re the right track!

Online Event Idea #3 Online with Your Facebook Community

Like Instagram, Facebook Lives are the perfect platform to host the next event online.

Facebook Live can be used Facebook Live for Q&As and demonstrations, but you could also use it to host quizzes.

LiveReacting is an integration tool for paid users which allows you to incorporate interactive elements and images for Facebook Live. Facebook Live — including customized quizzes.

Rakuten Kobo made use of Facebook Live to host “Kobo Live Book Quiz” events. The events on Facebook Live featured a different book-related theme. The people who participated were able to compete to be awarded a gift card or an an e-reader.

Quizzes are great for increasing the number of people who visit your page on Facebook. The contest aspect motivate your audience to take part however, the addition of a prize increases the stakes and allows you to advertise your product and the benefits it offers.

It’s also possible to offer promo codes at the conclusion of the quiz for those who took part until the endIt’s a good method to show appreciation and turn participants into customers.

Digital Event Concepts #4 Connect with Your Friends through Facebook Messenger Rooms

In the spring of this calendar year Facebook introduced Facebook Messenger Rooms which is a brand new method for companies and brands to interact with their customers.

Consider it unofficial conference calls that can be attended by more than 50 people simultaneously (and there is no time limitation! ).

What distinguishes Facebook Messenger Rooms in comparison to Facebook Live is that you can engage in conversations that are more intimate.

For instance the fitness center could invite new members into a Messenger Room — allowing members to meet one another or ask the boxing instructor they love most and build “face-to-face” interactions prior to when the gym reopens.

Another advantage of making use of Facebook Messenger Rooms? It’s not only for Facebook users. You can invite anyone who are using WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram All they require is a room’s URL.

Instead of driving traffic to a video application, such as Zoom your audience can join using platforms they’re familiar with and comfortable with.

TIP: Add a second dimension of enjoyment by encouraging guests to utilize filters that simulate reality — or even better, make your own specially for the occasion.

Five Ideas For Virtual Events Enhance the Human Appeal of Your Brand with LinkedIn Live

In the year 2019, LinkedIn announced its newest method of promoting brand awareness and engage your customers: Linkedin Live.

According to LinkedIn, according to the platform, Live videos are rated on average to receive 24 times more comments than native videos made by the same company.

Businesses can use LinkedIn Live to announce products and events, share behind-the-scenes information or host Q&A sessions with their CEOs and other top executives.

The year before, the tech company Cisco employed LinkedIn Live to interview employees about their career choices and their reasons for liking the company.

The spotlighting of employees can enhance your brand, and helps raise awareness of your company’s culture. Not only that , potential employers get valuable insights into the abilities you’re seeking.

Another way to personalize your brand? The idea of a LinkedIn Live series.

Each episode, they can discuss their journey in the workplace failures, mistakes, and address questions.

This will make them appear as experts in the field, and distinguish your company from other businesses in the market.

Tip: LinkedIn is still piloting live video streaming. So, before you begin making plans, be sure to complete an application form in order to request permission to be broadcasters.

If you’re considering organizing a virtual event, these ideas for virtual events could serve as the basis for your brainstorming session!

If it’s hosting a video tutorial on Instagram Live, or buymalaysianfollowers making use of Zoom to hold an intimate Q&A session virtual events will allow you to connect to your audience at a reasonable cost.

Did you attend a great digital event during the year? We’d love to hear from you We’d love to hear from you via Later’s Instagram account.

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